Holiday Dress Contest!


So, OG has released holiday dolls before, but I’ve never felt compelled to get one because it’s usually just the standard-face dolls with a holiday theme dress; great for a Christmas gift but not necessarily collectible.  This year’s dolls, however, both seem to have the new facemold that Mienna has, which I just LOVE.  That face and the Melina face are the best they’ve produced, in my opinion.  And when I saw there was not just one…but TWO dolls with that face as Christmas dolls, I took screenshots and texted them to Santa, even though I’m normally a very one-season-at-a-time girl and we’re not even at Halloween yet.  Their names are CJ and Noelle, and both have the “bendy” bodies I’ve really been liking, and if you like awesome eyes, zoom in on the pic below – CJ really has them:

Plus the PJs and accessories that come with them are really cute too! [As I was pasting links, CJ has disappeared off their website, hopefully that’s just temporary!]

Anyway, we were at Target and I happened to have a 20% off OG coupon in my phone and Noelle was there in person!  So, yes, I just bought myself a Christmas doll in October, and no, I didn’t even put her away until December.  She’s out of the box and needs your help!

The holiday dress she comes with is cute, but she told me she would like something different.  😉

We haven’t had a contest in a long time, so here’s a new one for you:

Download this croquis and sketch your original design for a fabulous winter-holiday-of-your-choice dress (historical or modern)

  1. Scan and email it to me by November 1st
  2. Winning dress design will be announced November 15th
  3. The winner will get their actual dress made in OG size by me
  4. Everyone who enters the contest will get a FREE pattern to make the winning dress
  5. If you don’t enter the contest, the pattern will be available for purchase after the contest is over

Yes, you can enter more than one design.  If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must send in the designs for you.

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  1. Hi,

    I just saw your posted photo for Noelle and it is still on Target. I picked up Bina yesterday and she has the same face. There was a FB doll group discussion on OG changing the face mold and how cute it is.

    Enjoy your new addition.

    Sew Piecefully Yours, Marcie Brenner

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  2. I actually almost bought Noelle yesterday. I still might buy her. but— I kept thinking maybe they will have more christmas stuff in a few days. lol. I really like the new OG face molds. They are so cute!

  3. My drawing art consists of a few crooked lines and if lucky might look like something real. But, I’m game. Sounds like a lot of fun. Where should it be emailed? Your word press address? or? Thank you. 🙂

  4. I do hope that CJ becomes available soon. I cannot find her anywhere online. I do have Noelle and she is darling!

  5. “Holiday the dress is for”…. Not sure what you mean? Do you want our doll’s name here? I’m going to print this out and let the kids get designing for their girls!I envy you finding such a lovely girl! I am in Canada and can’t find her here anywhere. I like Noelle’s face much better than the other OG’s I’ve got or have seen. She’s truly lovely.Thanks for the fun contest!

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