Ukrainian Blouse for Mienna


Get today’s post in pdf format here

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  1. So little words in your post today! But I did find your story by opening the pdf file! It’s a lovely blouse, thank you for sharing the pattern! The embroidery is beautiful (but I doubt I’ll find time to do it, especially since I’d need to find that special type of canvas that you can use over fabric to make the embroidery even).
    I really like your new doll! I was wondering who she was… I had the feeling she was an OG, but with a different face mold (a very pretty one, not as static as the usual one), which is, I think, the same as the boy doll Rafael, or very close to it. The first OG we ever bought, more than 10 years ago, has those posable possibilities… but it’s only years later that I found out about them, so we didn’t use them that much!
    The new Glitter Girls (the ones with the new mold, bigger eyes) have those same posable capabilities. I’m always afraid I’ll end up breaking the inside wire by bendin it too often, though…

  2. Where do you purchase the special 14 ct scrim canvas for all of your embroidery? I do love your patterns and would love to try the embroidery ones. Thank you!

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