Summer sew along week 2


Week 2 of our sew-along is this glamorous movie-star nightgown!

Get the pattern here:

For a child’s play doll, aside from an everyday outfit suitable for activities the child likes to do (tea parties? tree climbing? soccer?) I’d argue the other most important clothing item is pajamas.  A child can act out  a bedtime routine by putting the doll to bed or taking it to bed with them.  I love this nightgown because it embodies the glamour of women’s evening dresses of the time.  A smooth, beautiful drape was often achieved with A-line bias-cut dresses and skirts, and this could be balanced with more fullness at the top, specifically with large, puffy sleeves.  This pattern doesn’t just have to be a nightgown!  You can shorten the skirt to turn it into a dress or hem the whole front and leave open; tie in front to use as a robe (dressing gown).

The pattern will be available here for a day, and after that I’ll post a link to it on etsy in both 16″ and AG sizes.

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  1. It’s adorable! I couldn’t get the link to work. It is linked to the Dresden quilt.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks! Maureen

  2. You really rendered the original picture perfectly! The style of the nightgown is lovely. However, since my dolls never sleep, I think I will turn it into a shorter dress, as you suggest!
    Thank you for this pattern! I have last week’s stuff cut out and hope to sew it today!

  3. Another fun pattern! Haven’t been able to post to flickr because it keeps saying it is down. When I could, I only saw two other outfits posted. Is everyone using Instagram? Because I was unable to find your #jenwrenne. They said it did not available? Is there a different instagram #? Thanks

      • I was finally able to view the #jenwrenne photos on instagram. I can comment, but not add because you can’t add photos to it from a computer without doing difficult things. Learning so much. I use my camera for photos so unless I switch to using my phone, that is out. And I can’t get the app for Instagram on my phone unless I set up an account which means I have to set up apple pay. One thing leads to another. Not a biggie for others, but a new learning curve for me. So, instead, I waited until flickr was finished doing their thing and put my photos there like in the past. 🙂 Congrats on finishing another year with the troops. I’ve been retired nine years now from third grade. 🙂

  4. I’ve almost finished the cute combinations from week 1, and can’t wait to try the movie star nightgown! I printed the combinations at 82.6% for the 14″ Hearts for Hearts doll. Thank you for all your great patterns! Lisa

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