An embroidered wool coat for Spring


We had this 3’ pile of snow outside our front door that had been there since mid-January.  In March, it started melting little by little and last Tuesday it was about 70 degrees and it finally went away completely!  If you’re thinking that’s a great reason to make a cute little spring dress and photograph it outside, you don’t know the mountains of CO!  The very next day we got 8” of fresh snow dumped on us.  So I pulled out this coat pattern I made for my Paola Reinas back in 2015 (yes, there are SOOO many things on my hard drive that haven’t made it to the blog yet!) and resized it for my new doll, Milena (see below). By the time I was ready to take the pix, most of the snow was melting away, so it did end up looking Spring-y.

If you’re wondering, the new-to-the-blog doll is a Natterer/Petitcollin Starlette named Milena.  I didn’t have time for comparison pix, but she’s very similar to Sasha with longer legs.  The coat is a great fit on other 16” dolls too, like the lovely AGAT Elinor above. 

This coat is inspired by sheepskin coats worn in parts of Poland, Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe.  I say inspired, but not traditional, because this one has a princess cut rather than the separate skirt and back gathers you can see on close-up pix.  Its flowers welcome spring, but the felt and fleece keep your doll warm when “Spring” means “still pretty icy, raw ‘n’ glacial.”  😊 The embroidery design is generically European, but the color scheme is taken from the Polish Haft Kaszubski (Kashubian embroidery). If you’re a fast seamstress, you could use pastel colors to make a really cute Easter coat to tuck into that special basket this weekend!

Shortened, it makes a great 1970s or boho-style coat for AG Julie or Sasha!  You can easily paint the design or use fabric markers if you don’t have time to embroider. 

Get the pattern here

Want the machine embroidery files? They’re here and include a 16″ size that works for 16-18″ dolls and a resized smaller version pictured on Paola Reina for 12-14″ dolls.

The following images are for your inspiration from : (scroll down to the bottom to see)

See some more inspiration here:

I know you’re excited for the summer sew-along…me too! We’ll be starting in a few weeks and you won’t even need to buy a new doll for it unless you want to 😉

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  1. This is fabulous! I’m currently drafting a dress pattern with similar lines! I can’t wait to make the coat to go with it.

  2. What a treat to see your e-mail in my In-box today! Thank you for the beautiful coat and embroidery.

  3. Wow! This is a gorgeous coat! I love the pattern… thank you for sharing it! It will be great for my H4H Lillian, from Belarus! I love the style you created. I don’t have an embroidery machine, so I will have to be creative for the embroidered part.
    As for snow, I totally understand. Here in my part Quebec, we’ve had snow on the ground since November 1st, and it’s far from being melted. We have at least 2 feet of snow left… and much more a little further north. Today is the first day we feel a warm up in the air…
    Enjoy spring time in your beautiful mountains!

  4. I read your pattern and I have a question. What did you use to make the “fur”? Furry yarn that is sewn on? Furry ribbon (does this exists?)? Thin strips of “fur”?
    Thank you for enlighting me!

  5. I am thrilled with this coat pattern and can hardly wait to make it, but please tell me what does it mean on the front coat pieces at the top edge where it says, “Black/dotted cutting line for doll’s L” I cannot figure out what this refers to and it isn’t mentioned in the general instructions, I don’t think.

    • Cut on the solid line for the piece that will be on the doll’s right side (the embroidered piece) and on the dotted line for the left side. This helps avoid bulk at the neckline.

      • Thank you, Jenwrenne! After I had posted the question, it “came to me” that it probably indicated the LEFT side cutting line and I felt really foolish not to have realized that to begin with! It was an “of course!” moment 🙂

  6. This is a very nice coat, but I think I like the Melody coat better. Thanks so much for both coats. I hope the little dolls won the sew-a-long as my Riley’s needs clothes.

  7. Thank you SO MUCH for the pattern – I just got a tan and a white coat at Vincent DePaul thrift store for $1.00 – they were just trying to get rid of winter stuff!  I do have an embroidery machine so that pattern will look very nice on it! Donna Siembak

  8. Your coat is sooo gorgeous, Jen!!! I may not sew it right away, as it’s been over 100 degrees a couple times here already. Since I hate cold weather after growing up in a 100-year-old farm house w/few modern amenities, including good heaters, I’m rather enjoying ‘spring’ in AZ! Just makes it hard to want to sew coats – LOL!

    Very anxious to see what the sew-along will be?!!! 😉

  9. Thank you for the beautiful coat pattern! I always appreciate your generosity. Happy Spring to you in lovely Colorado from beautiful Michigan. Last Sunday we got around 7″ of heavy, wet snow and yesterday for Easter it was in the 70’s. Spring is coming!

  10. Looks like I forgot to comment on the wonderful coat pattern. Very cute and thank you.
    I guess I’m just curious, but I thought the Summer Sew Along was going to be in May? Really have been anticipating it to get me motivated. Always so fun to see all of the different takes on your patterns. Hope it starts soon. 🙂

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