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  1. Thanks love it. When I saw it I immediately thought Gregor cut and sew then read the pattern lol.Would love the baby version of the cut and sew.(when you get the chance) thanks again for great patterns and inspirations

  2. Rafael looks really good in his slavic outfit! You can easily imagine he has Ukrainian origins! I like this embroidered top and puffy pants. He’ll need a furry hat to go with the outfit! In my collection of dolls from around the world, my 2 favorites have always been my Ukrainian dolls (given to me 40 years ago by my godparents) as I loved their costumes (and the red on white embroidery). And the boy wears this funny furry hat that, as a child, was fascinating to me as I always wondered how this little boy would look like without it (the hat was glued on the head, so there was no way I could remove it to see the doll’s hair!).

    My Rafael is suppose to become a time-traveler. I want him to be Felicity’s friend and will make him 18th century clothes. But now I know that he will also be a world traveler as he will end up with this Slavic dance costume! Thank you for the pattern, and also for Gegor’s picture to show us the inspiration piece!

    • Thank you! Yes he does need a hat, but it might be too warm to dance in 🙂 I love the time-traveler idea – my Rafael is hoping to model a lot more historic things in the future too

  3. How fun! I may make the pants for my A Girl For All Time since we have about zero outfits. That shirt would be cute with leggings too, I think. Thank you! 🙂

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