Fastest ever OG Pants


Sorry it’s been a while. Thanks to Lisa for the encouragement I needed to put out a post! 🙂

If you are like me, you might have a fixed idea that certain patterns/styles go with certain fabrics.  Sometimes it’s purely for aesthetic reasons (sure, you could make a prom dress out of Spiderman flannel…) and other times it’s for durability, or some specific characteristic of the fabric like drape or stretchiness. 

With doll clothes you can sometimes bend the rules a little more because you don’t always need to take wear/comfort into account.  One of my former fixed ideas was that stretchy fabric when used for pants should be very stretchy to be comfortable, and gets made with an elastic waistband. 

I recently got a new Our Generation Leticia  [link] who has the lovely new face mold shared by several other dolls including Melina [link].  As I’ve mentioned before, although the regular OG face mold is cute, this new face mold has an artistically-sculpted feel to it that I love and I hope they continue to use it for more dolls.  I first saw her online a few weeks ago and had been checking and checking the supposed stock of them at my store on the Target website.  Even though it said she was not in stock, I happened to be there and it turned out she actually was, YAY! 

Even further off topic…we were waiting a while for a price check since she wasn’t ringing up correctly and, probably just to make conversation, the checkout girl asked if it was for my daughter. I thought about just saying yes, because that would be the typical response, but said no, it was for me, and when I got a weird look I then went on to talk about my blog as sort of a rationale about why I needed her.  Being very introverted, I usually don’t do that, and it made me wonder how many doll-collecting adults (if asked) actually don’t admit the dolls are for themselves when they buy them.  I think the type of doll might factor into that equation too; for instance, if you’re buying a Bleuette, she is very expensive,  has artistic value in addition to historical, and these days is clearly not a child’s toy.  But a $25 doll from Target is marketed to be a child’s toy, so buying it as an adult feels quite different.

Anyway, the pants Leticia came with bent my old fabric/pattern rules in a happy way.  They were double knit, so sort of stretchy, but not as much as T-shirt fabric or fleece.  They were definitely not pants-weight fabric for a human, as they’d likely wear out quickly, but for a doll that’s not a concern.  As a seamstress, I thought there were several things to love about them, most importantly their simple construction.  Instead of a waistband or facing, the top edge just had a  narrow, single-fold hem because the knit wouldn’t be likely to fray, and then they closed with velcro in the back.  So the fit was slim, taking advantage of the fabric’s slight stretchiness to allow the doll to still sit comfortably, but without the hassle of an elastic waist!  Also, it was great to see such nicely-fitted-at-the-torso pants that were specifically made for an OG body.  I don’t have an enormous amount of OG vs AG fitting experience, but the OGs do seem to be a bit more consistent with body sizing from doll to doll than AGs, who have been manufactured over a much longer period of time. 

So, I took some measurements of the originals and replicated Leticia’s pants as a pattern for your OGs, with original fabric suggestions of light to medium-weight, and at least semi-stretchy.  That would be anything from double-knits to sweatshirt fabric to the lighter twills/denims that have lycra woven in to give them some stretch.  At the last minute, my stash refused to cooperate, so I ended up adding a bit of length and ease and making the girlfriend-cut cuffed pants she’s wearing now with non-stretchy fabric, and just serged at the top where you’d do a single hem or face with bias. If your stash DOES have stretchy fabric, you can take in the legs at the side seam by about 1/4″ to make them tighter.


These pants are SO fast and simple to make you can easily make lots of variations of them, and this pattern would also be great to use if you’re teaching a child to sew.  Next week will be the shirt!

Summer sew-along?  Already?

Yep, time to start brainstorming!  I have so many ideas for this year including sewing and accessorizing for tiny dolls like Lottie or Ginny, various historical themes like Viking or Elizabethan (yes, I did a whole Elizabethan thing when Elinor came out and it never got blogged yet, if you can believe that), travels along the Silk Road, Fairy Tales, (different story and associated costume each week), OGs Go to Camp, a sew-along specifically for boy dolls (AG/Kidz n Cats/OG/Sasha), and finally, I had a vague plan to design a modern, coordinated cut-and-sew wardrobe that you could either order as yardage and make everything at your own pace or I’d also post the individual patterns each week on the blog if you’d rather make it in your own fabric.  To save on fabric-printing costs, that one would probably be for smaller-size dolls, maybe Hearts for Hearts or even tiny ones like Lottie.  Post a comment to weigh in and suggest what you’d like to sew!  I’ll leave comments open for a few weeks to collect responses, but the actual sew-along theme will be a surprise!  Most likely it will happen again in May this year.

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  1. I want them all!! My grandkids have Lottie for their dolls house so that would be nice. Whatever you do will be great. Oh and welcome back, I missed you xx

  2. I really enjoyed the individual patterns each week to see using our own fabrics. I think the boy camp theme or the different theme each week song intriguing.

  3. So happy to see a new post from you! You’ve been sorely missed, but now you’re tempting us with so many Summer Sew Along ideas! I don’t own any of the tiny dolls like Lottie or Ginny, so it’s difficult to be excited about those ideas, but all the others have piqued my interest. I should be sewing for the 18” dolls this Spring, so the OG Go To Camp theme would probably be the most useful for me (and the 30 dolls for a Christmas charity that I need to clothe), but a boy themed sewalong, or the Fairy Tale idea could be lots of fun too. I’m also intrigued by coordinated cut and sew wardrobe idea, but would prefer it for larger dolls. All wonderful ideas, Jen, so I look forward to seeing what you go with.

  4. Oh my! Such choices. I have been wanting to do something for smaller dolls like the AG minis. Love your posts.. I’ve been asked if my doll purchases were for granddaughters and I explain that I make doll clothes and try to sell the clothes to fund my habit.

  5. So good to hear from you, it is always a pleasure to read your blog and to receive your beautiful patterns. I love the doll in the photo for many reasons. Each year I donate at least one OG doll with a complete wardrobe from my shop to a child in Southern Ohio. I chose Melina this year because she is such a beautiful blend of many races that any little gilrl would love her. I also included bee keeping books and a vintage handmade wooden bed that was my daughter’s when she was little. I have decided to buy two for this year so I will look for the one you featured.

    Since you introduced us to A Girl For All Time last year I have also rediscovered Sasha dolls. I would love to see a Summer Sew Along session on Sasha and, or Gregor. Hearts for Hearts would also be great and perhaps that will be one that I can have ready for Christmas early this year. Thank you for sharing your talents, it is the gift that keeps on giving! All the best, Colleen

  6. For the summer sew a long I would love to see one of the following: 6 1/2 in. mini dolls – AG has these with no outfits offered!, an 18″ boy doll sew along, or something for AG 18″ dolls like a camp theme. I’d like to be able to sew at my own pace as I teach school and don’t get out until into June. Thanks!

  7. I’m not familiar with Lottie or Ginny dolls but I have 2 10inch Tonner dolls, Ann Estelle and Patsy. It would be great to have patterns in that size range!

  8. if you do cut and sew ,I would love it to be Ten Ping etc from Ruby Red Galleria ,Big kids you know my heart is with Sasha.So happy to see the new post today ….Spring is coming time to play and sew for dollies

  9. So wonderful to “see” you again! I would love to see a Hearts for Hearts/Wellie Wisher summer sew along. I’ve been sewing for Stitchin’ for Kids, a charity that provides a new 14 in. doll and a complete wardrobe for girls who are hospitalized for long periods. (They also have toys that younger children and boys might like.) I love your patterns and your blog, and I’ve missed you.

  10. What a lovely story and helpful post (in so many ways). Thank you!

    By any chance do you, or any of your followers, know of anyone who writes anything like this in Spanish? By “like this” I mean friendly, personable, informative, etc.

    And, also thanks for the reassurance that there really is a new face mold. Sometimes I swear my eyes trick me.

    • Espero que alguien pueda ayudarte a encontrar un blog como este en español. La mayoría de los blogs de muñecas en español que he visto se centran en Nancy Famosa, que me encanta 🙂

  11. Glad to see you posting again. Even though I’m not much of a sewer I love to read your blogs and look at the patterns. Now I seem to have a bit more time on my hands I would love to sew some things for my little collection of Ginny dolls. I also have a couple of Lottie dolls but not sure if I could make anything that tiny. Anyway, Looking forward to May and the summer sew along! Thanks a bunch for all you do!

  12. Hi Jenwrenne,

    I personally prefer patterns where I can choose my own material and use up some of my stash. Also, being from Canada, ordering from the States is an expensive proposition. I really like patterns for the dolls they are not widely available for, so my choices for a summer sew-along would be Sasha, Lottie or Wellie Wishers; however, regardless of which dolls you choose to pattern for, I am grateful for your work and generosity!

  13. Welcome back Jen!! Boy, you have been missed!! I keep hearing from people on other blogs and chat groups who wondered if you’d given up blogging and designing patterns. I told them all that I felt confident that you were just busy elsewhere and would be back. I’m so happy to see that is the case. — Also, about how you feel uncomfortable when people ask you why you are buying dolls. Well, I get that same question all of the time when purchasing dolls or small amounts of fabric. It used to make me feel funny too. But now I just tell people that I design and make doll clothes, and I need a properly-sized model to create the perfect fit. (I also give away the clothes to children I know, so I tell them that if they still think it is odd.) Maybe getting older has also freed me up from caring so much what people think. It no longer bothers me, for those reasons. — I love the new OG pants! I really love the variables for woven and knit fabric too, and the added cuffs are an excellent and simple additional element to expand wardrobe choices. I expect they can also be shortened to make adorable shorts. Oooh, and maybe adding some pockets. You’ve gotten my creative juices flowing. 🙂 I do not have an 18″ OG doll; but your model doll is truly tempting. I am trying to be really frugal and not expand my doll “models” at this time; so I will probably do my usual thing of resizing for my existing AG, JG, and Glitter Girl dolls. Your pant design looks like such a perfect fit for your doll though. . . . I’m sooo tempted! Lol! — You asked for people to vote on your great ideas for the next sew-a-long. They are always such great fun! I always look forward to them, even though I am almost always traveling during the month of May, I take fabric along and wing it by sewing by hand, just so I don’t miss out on the fun. I am so glad you wish to do another sew-along and I am always humbled that you share with us. Many, many thanks! Personally, I’m totally intrigued by your Elizabethan/fantasy theme for Elinor. It sounds truly beautiful! With the 16″ doll’s beautiful, curvier body lines, I just know the designs will look stunning on the dolls. (If I’m totally honest, I also love the idea because it would be easy to revise that for JG dolls, which I have. Also, I am always fascinated by period costumes.) I also think the boy-themed series sounds like it would be popular with a lot of people, since it is still so hard to find good patterns for boy dolls. I know a lot of people prefer modern patterns and so the series would most likely become a popular seller once you list it in your shop. I definitely like how you said it might include multiple sizes — a little something for everyone’s personal doll size. I think that might be really useful, since even if people have a boy doll, they probably don’t have multiple boy dolls in various sizes. So the multiple sizes would allow more people to participate in the sew along, and make it more marketable for you later in your shop. People in the blogs and chat groups I follow are always looking to expand their boy doll wardrobes. (The groups I belong to are all focused on 18″ AG dolls; but I just read that AGAT is about to release a 16″ boy doll; so I might start hearing about people expanding their doll sizes in the future.)

    • Thanks for your input! I keep seeing the glitter girls at Target and haven’t gotten one yet. Do you have Wellies or H4H to compare the sizing? It seems like they’re the same size and the price is certainly reasonable…

      • Jen, I do not have a Wellie or H4H doll yet; however, I have a number of patterns for them that mostly fit the Glitter Girls with minor adjustments. Glitter Girls are the same height as the Wellies and 1/2 inch taller than the H4H dolls ; but their measurements are more closely aligned to the Wellies. In fact, my GG is not one of the newer bendable dolls; but all of her major measurements match the Wellies except the following: Bust is 7 1/8 inch, outer arm from shoulder to wrist is 4.25 inches, (shoulder-to-shoulder is the same, but) neck is 3.5 inches which requires a larger neck opening, hips are 7.5 inches, and ankle is 2.5. (i don’t know the size of a WW foot, but for a GG, the length is 1 7/8 inch long and 7/8 inch wide at the widest point. I have been told they can interchange shoes; but have not yet checked that tip.) (Also, I don’t know the dimension of a WW from waist to crotch in the back, but a GG is 3 inches there.) So, the adjustments I make on pants is to lengthen the waist height an additional 1/4 inch longer, so the curve for the hipline stays intact and they close more naturally. On long-sleeved tops I widen the neckline some, but not a specific repeatable amount, and I sometimes shorten the sleeve length, if the sleeve is form fitting, like on a t-shirt. The adjustments seem pretty minor to me. For the H4H patterns I have, (only free ones from Pinterest), I print them at 106% to use for GG, and that seems to work pretty good. — Visually, to me, a WW looks like a more immature body form, and a GG has more of a pre-teen body appearance. I very much enjoy sewing for the GG dolls, as the finished garment seem to really enhance the patterns I’ve used so far. — Finally, their hair has a soft feel, and it is easy to style. It looks as good from the back as it does from the front. I think that is a pro for them as more fun than the WW’s, because their hair is strange in the back on some of them. I hope these statistics are useful to you.

  14. Thank you so much for the cute pants pattern. So very glad you are back. I have been worried about you and I so enjoy your posts. I always tell sales clerks that the doll or doll accessories are for me. I tell them the truth that at age 72, I refuse to grow up and simply love dolls. Hmm as to the Sew A Long, you have so many wonderful ideas. I would love to see the Elizabethan items you designed for Elinor but I also love the idea of clothing for either Lottie or Ginny dolls. I have many Ginny dolls and I also have several Lottie dolls. I do like the size of a small doll. Did you hear that AGAT is making a boy doll. He will be modern. I wish they would make a boy with Historical outfits to go with the girls. On a side note, did you see the Virtual Doll Convention that was held on a private FaceBook page in January. It was wonderful and the cost was 25 dollars. So many wonderful videos to watch including tutorials, doll history of different kinds of dolls, a Virtual Banquet with recipes and a movie to watch. There were also many many PDF Printables. The videos and PDFs will be there to watch anytime. You can still sign up for it and will get access to everything. Also they will be having another one in June with the focus on Doll Artists. Signups for that one will be sometime in February.

      • Today they opened up sign ups for the second Virtual Doll Convention that will be held in June 19th to the 23 on Facebook. The focus will be The Art of The Doll. Early sign ups get a discount. Charge is 20 dollars and there will be a souvenir doll offered later on that is being designed by Helen Kish. She will also be teaching a class on painting and making her dolls. Just go to http://www.virtual for all the information. Also there will be many many pdf printables. The first one was wonderful and I am pretty sure that the second one will also be amazing.

  15. I love the OG sew along for boys at camp. Girls love to go to camp as well so the theme could easily transfer to girl dolls as well. As always, love your blog, look forward to them in my emails.

  16. I tried posting a bit ago but I don’t think it worked. I wanted to tell you how glad I am that you are back and thank you for the neat OG pants pattern. I really like the new OG face too 🙂

    I vote for your wonderfully researched historical patterns for OG size dolls and some hints on how to apply the pattern to Hearts for Hearts size dolls. Thanks Jennie!

  17. Thanks for the pattern! Your new doll is very pretty. If anyone asks, I always say the doll is for ME. I enjoy being weird. I’ve always been weird and I’m not going to stop now. Tee hee….

  18. I am so happy to see you back, Jen! I have missed wrenfeathers very much.

    All of your sew-along ideas are delightful…My favorites are:
    1. Historical collection
    2. Fairy Tales
    3. Clothes for Boy Dolls

    I also get funny looks when buying dolls for myself, and sometimes when buying fabric. The person cutting my fabric usually asks what I’m making, and “doll clothes” is a great answer until I add that they are for my own dolls. I think I get especially funny looks if I have my kids with me! (I do also sew for them and their dolls, but sewing for my own collection feels like “me” time.)

  19. Yay! I have a lot of fun with the summer sew along (it always helps me to have a deadline, lol!). I must say that I am most interested in a historical sew along of just about any time period, though the Elizabethan one sounds the most fun to me 🙂 Looking forward to see what you decide!

  20. Yay; you are back!! Re: Summer Sew Along – I think the Fairy Tales for Hearts for Hearts doll would be fun. Lisa Stitchin’ for Kids

  21. It is so good to have you back blogging again! Really missed you.
    Thank you for the nice pants pattern. I’ll have to see if I can adjust it to fit my Sylvia Natterer Finouche girls/boys. They need clothing desperately.
    So looking forward to the sew along whatever is decided. For my 2 cents, I would like to see outfits for the 6 1/2″ or 11″ My Meadow dolls. Boy clothes would be great because they can also be used for girls. 🙂 And the Go to Camp theme sounds like so much fun! But, whatever you and others decide will work. Looking forward to May. 🙂

    • Thank you! I think the adjustment for Finouche would be do-able if you make the pants as shown, then put them on the doll inside out and adjust sizing at the outer side seam

  22. Hi Jenny! It’s good to read you again! I was wondering where you had been and was hoping you were doing fine (I was about to drop you a note asking about you). Hopefully all is well and you didn’t get rid of all your lovely dolls while decluttering!

    Leticia is really lovely, I like this new face mold! Thank you for the pants pattern, they will be handy, especially for my Rafael OG boy!

    As for the summer sew along, I’m quite looking forward to it. Your projects are always inspiring! I would vote for the 18″ dolls or the 14″ ones, because those are the 2 sizes I own. I always prefer historical or ethnical themes, because those are the clothes my dolls, as an adult collecter, are most likely to be wearing. 5 of my H4H dolls are still wearing the pretty Edwardian clothes we made last summer! I like the one-pattern a week pace. It’s fun and challenging!

  23. So thrilled to receive your post this AM, Jen & thank you to Lisa for encouraging you!!! 😉 I’ve toyed many times with purchasing an OG doll, but still have not, other than one I had briefly while sewing my friend’s ballet costume before shipping her off to her rightful owner. I agree that their faces are lovely! I’m hoping that that adorable blouse Leticia is wearing includes an embroidery file next week?! 😉 Also, looking forward to another sew-along and would be beyond thrilled IF it ends up being for BOY dolls, as I have 3 now (who seriously need boy clothes!) including 2 AG’s and a Pottery Barn Henry, who’s a bit thinner. Henry, Logan & Noah would be in ‘fashion heaven’ if that happens. And just think how much fun for all those participating who don’t own one to have an excuse to purchase a boy doll – fingers crossed!!! After all, you’re responsible for my Henry purchase a few years back, remember?

    • Yes, I’ll post the embroidery file too! These new OG faces are so pretty I’ve contemplated exchanging their heads with an AG body so as to have the better arm profile. OGs and Maplelea arms look so stiff to me…

      • YAY – emb files to play with! 😉 I didn’t have to deal with the arms much for the ballet costume I sewed for my friend, but did purchase a girl & boy My Life As from WalMart after Christmas as they were too cheap to pass up, but both arms/legs were so stiff that I gave the girl away and thought I’d toss the boy on a garage sale one day, but still have him (guess that means I actually have 4 boy dolls then). Need to see the OG’s up close, but not sure any Targets here have them. Someone said they’re in store even when it says online they are not, so need to visit Target myself soon! Same for Glitter Girls & yes I just saw a video showing the clothes are interchangeable with WW’s clothes, so a total bonus there!!!

  24. I love the idea of Viking or Fairy Tale especially for 14″ H4H or 16″ AGFAt DOLLS. I know you did a whole section on Chatty Cathy, but what about Patsy Ann or Shirley Temple dolls?

  25. Hello, Welcome back to the scene–hope you were just refreshing and relaxing! First, I love the OG pants pattern idea–don’t know why I never thought of that as I’m always doing the elastic for the giveaway clothes I make (but did find you can use less length for less bulk). Second–I would rather use up my, errr–rather extensive, fabric collection with your patterns, and I would vote for AG 18″ boys clothing or Wellie Wishers, with some interest in Ginny clothes too if constructed simply as my old fingers don’t work as well that small anymore. Summer, camping, beachy clothes for sure.

    As far as admitting to the dolls’ ownership that I buy–I proudly announce that I’m an old lady (68) and I will have dolls as long as I want them. I agree with Marcy above that a lot of stress is off once you get older, something to look forward to. Though I stay looking the best I can, the having to be “hot” pressure is off and for fashion too. I wear comfy clothes and shoes now! Plus, the whole doll or any other hobby thing–you can do what you want! My fave collection is antique toy stoves and I dearly love them, then the dolls. I do sew for selling and gifting too, but don’t feel the need to use that as an excuse though the fabric store ladies know why my purchases are generally 1/2 to 1 yard. lol

    I bought Cassidy, also a beekeeper doll like Melina, for myself for Christmas. That outfit is SO cute, even little bees on the hive tray! I made no excuses at the cash register! She’s the blond, blue eyed version and also very cute with freckles and I like the face mold much better than the older one. I wanted Melina but couldn’t find her at Target and wasn’t available then online, though now I see she is again, but no matter–both are cute. She’s my only OG, mostly I have AG 18″; a few each of Gotz, Madame Alexander, and Journey Girls; and one 18″ Tonner Ann Estelle who’s built like OG. Love them all!

  26. Good to see you back! How did the decluttering go? I’ve been trying to work on thst, myself. My,so many choices, it’s tough! I’m personally not so wild about Elizabethan, but how about Elizabethan boys? Or I have thought about making a H4H into a boy, and the minis would be cute as boys, too. But whatever you decide is always fun! I always enjoy the little stories you tell, and the extra details. Your blogging doesnt have to restricted to only remarks about just the project at hand. It’s like sitting down with a friend over a cup of tea.

  27. Hi and SO glad you are back!!! I would also like to see new clothes for the 6 1/2 “ AG minis or OG Lori dolls. I have often taken the little dolls on vacation with me to WDW or Hawaii in my suitcase and they love posing in new clothes. I use fray check on seam edges that will ravel as my serger will not serge small enough. Do you have any other suggestions? I like ALL of your ideas and might just try shrinking the patterns down to mini size if you pick something for bigger dolls. They usually end up ok but not professional like yours! Thanks again….

  28. Would love to see anything for AGFAT & H4H dolls, also 18″ dolls, especially fairy themes. I bought myself a Mme Alexander doll 2 years ago to make clothing for my grand-daughters’ dolls, one has OG & MA while the other has AG dolls. Just bought Nisha (AGFAT) for myself, I’m 68, lol. I thought the eyes were too intense on the OG faces and don’t like the cloth body showing in certain clothing on OG & AG dolls but your Leticia has such a lovely face that I may revise my opinion! Plan to give one grand-daughter a Lottie doll for her birthday so maybe patterns for her too, but not sure if sewing clothing for that size doll is too “fiddly” for me. Thank you so much for the jeans pattern!

  29. Welcome back! I am liking the idea of fairy tales but maybe Wellie sized. I like the summer camp thing especially since this is a summer season along.

  30. It has been awhile! I’m so grateful for any and all of your patterns. I know how busy you must be so just thought it was that. I tell people the dolls are for me! I don’t buy new dolls, can’t afford it. Mine come from Good Will. I enjoy repairing them, creating crafts or props for them and of course sewing! People have a zillion different hobbies! At least doll collecting and sewing is creating something. I could be a video gamer and have nothing physical to show for my efforts (not that thats a bad thing either). Besides, creativity keeps the mind sharp! lol I really enjoyed last years sew along and was quite happy to discover that even though I can’t afford AGFAT, the clothing fit the old Revlon doll my cousin gave me! Love that Revlon doll! Whatever you wish to do will be awesome I’m sure! Thank you sooo much!!!

  31. You are so kind to allow us to weigh in. A friend and I are searching for patterns for Ann Estelle, which seem to be few and expensive. I also love Ginny, tiny Betsy McCall, and AG mini dolls. (This is all in addition to various 18-inch dolls.) I’m not interested in the boys, though. It’s your choice, and I know you’ll have followers no matter what you do.

  32. Welcome back! I really like sewing for the Hearts for hearts/wellies/Paola Reina Amigas size dolls and that would be my vote for the summer sew along. The boy doll theme sounds fun too! So many options -fairy tale and historical clothing is always fun. I’m intriqued by the print and cut idea, but I would miss seeing what everyone comes up with for their take on the patterns

  33. I love summer camp or outfits for boys. I did have a ball with the period costumes for AGFAT last summer, even though historical isn’t really my thing. I love to admire those tiny dolls, but anything under 16 inches is just too little for me, and I’m not clever enough to resize patterns. I misplaced my eagle eyesight and dexterity some years back and haven’t seen them since. This is a GREAT time to be thinking about summer with all the bad weather, and of course, it’s wonderful to see you back again.

  34. Maybe you could do something for the Riley Kish doll or will the mini AG doll clothes fit her? I prefer working with the 18″ dolls and the thought of boy doll clothes is a great idea. I think going to camp is a great theme.

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