One more addition to the sew-along…


If you were looking for something for your dolls to do while wearing their Rainy Day dresses, I have something you’re going to love!  Anna Sobolesky drew a set of paperdolls for dolls (it doesn’t get any cuter than that!) based on all the summer sew-along outfits.  She sent them to me and agreed to share them with you too.  Here is a pic of her doll cutting them out:

Rainy Day

You can download the paperdoll here.  

Notes from Anna: “I recommend cardstock or a similar medium weight paper, and small, sharp scissors or maybe an exacto knife.  I keep some pointy little scissors on hand for this sort of work.”

If you missed any of the patterns from the sew-along, or would like them in both AG and AGAT size, they are all on etsy now, including the Rainy Day dress.

I bet you want to know what’s coming next on the blog…me too!   I’m sort of adrift right now on a sea of ideas, but the wind isn’t strong enough to push my boat very far in any one direction.  That’s my metaphoric way of saying, “Wow, you would not believe how many different dolls in half-finished garments are cluttering up the craft room/kitchen table right now!”  🙂

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  1. I looked at your Etsy.  You used to have a pattern for kits chicken overalls. Is there a pattern for the shirt I know you used to have it but I can’t find it is it retired?

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  2. What a beautiful tableau! The doll, her dress, and of course her paper dolls! As a child in the ’50’s, I spent many happy hours cutting out and playing with my paper dolls- historical figures, actresses, little girls….Thanks for the reminder!

  3. THANKS, ANNA for sharing your drawings. Your paper dolls really topped off this year’s Sew-Along. What a great way to tie the whole series together. You did great work converting the designs to drawings.
    And thanks Jennie for making this possible every year. What a great wardrobe this year. Beautiful dresses, a hat, boots. And all the new sewing techniques. I had so much fun.
    And thanks to all of you other participants who shared your techniques and your inspirations. See you for the next one.

  4. Anna’s paper dolls are so perfect to accompany my girls. They are going to be so excited. Now there will be a fun activity for them on one of the hot summer days predicted.
    Thank you Anna and Jen.

  5. Ohhhh! Another extra unexpected freebie! I feel so spoiled! Thanks you so much for all of these lovely doll designs Jen! Also, many thanks to Anna for so very kindly sharing her paper doll fashion replicas of this years SSA fashions. I love them all very much! God bless you both.

  6. I just wanted to say ‘’Thank You Again’’for the beautiful patterns. It was a wonderful sew along and I enjoy it tremendously. Dianne Saunders

  7. Just too much. Love it!! Now to explain to the youngest doll collectors what paper dolls are . . . .

  8. Anna Thank You so much for these wonderful paper dolls. It was both nice and very generous of you to make these for us all. I know my dolls will have so much fun. We all love paper dolls.

  9. I remember playing with paper dolls first from a printed cut out, later on I made my own paper dolls and played with them for hours. That was in the 1960ies in Belgium at the seaside.
    Thanks for your lovely patterns.

  10. Thank you Jen for a wonderful Summer Sew Along! It was my first, but certainly won’t be my last! I learned so much and had fun sharing my photo shots with all of you and with my sisters. And thank you Ana for the lovely paper doll with all the wonderful outfits of the Summer!

  11. How sweet, Anna, for sharing those with us! They are a wondeful accessory to add to our dress set! Thank you so much, and thank you Jen, for this great event! I’ve totally enjoyed it!

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