Summer sew along final week!


Good morning and welcome to the last week of the summer sew-along!

Today is the last day to get in your submissions for the Boating Dress to get the free accessory pattern!  If you missed the pattern it’s available now on etsy here


Yes, that’s the new AGAT Elinor, isn’t she stunning?   It was a looooong wait but worth it, I decided after a quick photo shoot this morning.  I was thrilled to find she is pretty in real life AND photographs really well too.  For me, one major key for good doll photos is eye placement and how well the eyes seem to “look” into the camera at you.  In the photo above I had an assistant holding up a big piece of batiste to block the intense sun where it hit her, but in the one below she was just in the shade:


The hat she’s wearing is the accessory pattern for this week if you get your boating dress pic posted!

 How do you get the accessory pattern?

If you did everything correctly and did not get the accessory pattern, please check your junk/spam folder!  For some reason, last week’s pattern went to multiple peoples’ junk folders.

This week’s dress was titled “Rainy Day” because I intended to have the dolls set up inside doing rainy day activities like reading, cutting out paper dolls, etc.  Well, I got too busy with summer visitors and didn’t get that done, plus our weather has been the opposite of that – incredibly sunny and dry/dusty/pine pollen-y both inside and outside.  It’s really disheartening to clean off a flat surface and come back 24 hours later and have a noticeable new layer of dust and pine pollen…or maybe it’s just a good reason to stop dusting for a week or two until this is over! 😉

Get the pattern here today only

This dress will be a challenge, with multiple types of pleats including a curved one!  It’s from Pictorial Review in 1911.  The magazine, like many of the time (Delineator, Ladies’ Home Journal, etc.) also published patterns that got advertised in their magazine.  Some had paper dolls either for fun or with associated advertising or sewing patterns, so kids could use the paper dolls as-is or mom could purchase patterns to make the dresses.  If you’re familiar with Dolly Dingle, who later advertised soup, she was the Pictorial Review doll starting in 1913, and some popular ones from Ladies’ Home Journal included Lettie Lane and Daisy, who was an actual doll but could have been cut out as paper dolls too.

Have you been sewing along every week?  If you’ve made ALL the patterns each week and submitted pix of them you’re eligible to get the bonus pattern!  Yes, if you missed a week here or there, and got the patterns on Etsy you can still submit pix of everything by the end to get the bonus pattern.

I extended the due date for all the final submissions to June 24 to give you a few extra days.  Put all your links (or link to one pic with everything) in here by Sunday night and the free bonus dress pattern will be emailed to you Monday morning.  If you do not post your pix and put the links in the form, you will NOT get the bonus pattern, no exceptions!

Please note this is a new google form for the final submission – you don’t need to submit the links for the final dress on the old one too!

To get the final bonus pattern:

Step 1: post pic of what you made here:

Step 2: enter your email and all links to your pics here by June 24:

Step 3:  Receive your accessory pattern by email on Monday

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  1. Another great pattern that you are offering us! It looks quite challenging, but I am up to it! The hard part, once more, will be to choose the colors (I do spend a lot of time on that task each time!). I’m trying to find the dress picture you are refering to (so far, no success…).

    I am looking forward to the hat pattern, as my dolls really need this to complete their lovely outfits! Thank you so much for this great sew along! The quality and creativity was outstanding!

    • I forgot to say that Elinor is gorgeous! She would have been my choice too, if I would have had the budget. She is my favorite of all AGAT dolls (followed by Nisha). Bex is lovely too, but I always prefer the historical dolls because they give me an excuse to learn about the history of fashion!

      • I got Bex too, but it seemed greedy to open two dolls at once, so DH hid her and she’s being saved her as my reward for finishing everything related to the sew-along. I can’t wait! 🙂

  2. All so cute! I was wondering if the hat you are offering as a bonus will be made available for purchase at some point. I haven’t had time to make any outfits lately but I do LOVE that hat and would definitely purchase it!

  3. Reblogged this on MER*made9 and commented:
    Final Sew-Along Week and (you guessed it!). . .more pleats and even a few tucks to challenge you, plus a bonus extra 3 days to complete this one. . .

  4. Whoa, pleats & tucks, you clever girl! 😉 Like the bonus 3 days to get this beauty finished – thanks so much, Jen. It’s been truly challenging, but very fun taking part in this year’s Summer Sew-Along and I believe you’ve garnered a few more followers/participants through featuring A Girl for All Time dolls? CONGRATS to you for all your very hard work to get our creative juices flowing!

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  6. Oh poop. I just saw this. It stinks that I missed it. Will you be doing another one for July? Thanks

  7. Thank you for all of the great patterns and extras. The Summer Sew Along was fun to do and sometimes challenging but, the end products are worth it. Nice to display my girls in for the summer.

  8. Is it still possible to get the free patter for the Rainy Day dress.?

    I missed it,,,ugh


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