Summer sew along week 4!


Reminder: Today is the last day to get your entries in for last week’s seaside costume and the accessory pattern (shoes) will be emailed tomorrow.  Scroll to the bottom of this post for the links!

Wow, are we already a month into this?  It has been one of the most stressful sew alongs for me because of the resizing and accessory patterns – kind of  like getting 3 blog posts done every week!  It’s been probably the most challenging sewing-wise too, and I’m thrilled to see what everyone has done!  I’m not linking here, because last week when I put in tons of pix from Flickr it somehow tripped a spam filter and wordpress took the blog offline.  Wow, that was terrifying!! So, I’ll just direct you here: to see all the exquisite work everyone has done!


The Ramble pattern is ready now in both sizes here:


The seaside pattern is now available here:

And continuing with water-related outfits, we have a sailor (or not) dress this week:


Get the pattern here today only


To participate in the sew-along:


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  1. Lovely outfit perfect for AGAT. I don’t have one yet but such patterns make the dolls even more desirable.

  2. You are one of my favorite doll clothes designers, and though I seldom sew what you publish, I have good intentions. This pattern is darling, but I have a question. Did you press the skirt/top seam toward the skirt? I have always pressed it up, toward the blouse. Why did you choose this technique?

    • It’s challenging to get pleats and gathers to line up together, so sewing them to a stay helps with that. The original might have had twill tape or some other method to control the size, but a strip of fabric is more easily available and lets you bind that seam if you want. Since there’s fullness in both bodice and skirt you could press any way you like. 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you are doing a nautical dress! I love that style and I love how you made de bodice extra special with teh pleats! I’m looking forward to making this outfit (this time, I know I won’t have fitting problems at the crotch when reducing the pattern to fit my 14″ dolls!). Your SSAL is really wonderful, and know that the time you have spend on it is really appreciated!

    Just a note to let you know that the link to your blog post works when I upload it from my email (as I chose to get your new posts by email), but your blog is still offline when I try to upload it right into Google by simply using the address. I hope for you that WordPress can fix this soon!

  4. this is mine.. I call it SPINICH DIP..  I have been trying to get it in all morning.. sorry  Carla Holland   

  5. I LOVE this SSA! I was wondering if the shoe pattern fits your red-haired Sasha. Looking at the pattern makes me think it needs to be just the tiniest bit bigger in order for seam and foot to both fit inside. Have you ever tried it?

  6. What? Pleats, again?!!! LOL – you are right that this has been a challenging Sew-Along, but it is truly fun to challenge our not-so-often used sewing ‘skills’/practice little-used/new techniques we’ve shied away from. I actually had thought of the huge challenge you’d put onto yourself with this year’s Sew-Along, esp. w/AGAT’s sizing. We followers probably don’t stop to tell you often enough how much we appreciate all you so generously give us in 1) free patterns, 2) historical info, 3) wardrobe-building pieces in so many doll sizes, 4) your valuable time spent researching, blogging, drawing/testing patterns, 5) posting to Flickr/your Etsy Store, etc. Sure I’ve missed a bunch of other things, so thanks for all you do for us who enjoy the many fruits of your labors, Jen! 😉

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