Summer Sew Along week 3


Reminder: Today is the last day to get your entries in for last week’s Ramble costume and the boot pattern will be emailed tomorrow.  Scroll to the bottom of this post for the links!

Oh my goodness…you did SUCH a nice job on the last two weeks of costumes!

I urge you to go see everyone’s work here, I’ll just link a few examples:


The safari hat is just perfect!  This is by Juliette Auckland

SSA2 - Ramble Suit

The contrasting fabrics are such a nice touch here in this costume by sewbig


Check out the amazing pleats on the skirt here by slpslee

It seems to have resized just fine for smaller dolls too:


(By Helen Webb)

Bunnies or Trolls?

by nethenekhthon

There were so many beautiful things from the first week too:


like this modernized version by Alison Moreton

Wrenfeathers SSA2018

This one by quickdrawannie


and beautiful lace on this one by catknapp


This week is an Edwardian Seaside Costume!


After last week’s challenge, you’ll be happy to know this one is pretty quick and easy!  I had every intention of taking the dolls to what passes for a “seaside” here in Colorado, but long story short, it didn’t happen.  I know lots of beaches near the actual oceans are rocky, so maybe we can imagine they’re not in my backyard, they’re climbing on rocks to get down to the water?  🙂

IMG_8505r (2)

IMG_8510r (2)

Get the pattern here today only

The resized ramble from last week is not quite ready for AG size yet…next week for sure!

If you want more info about the sew-along in general, please check the first week’s post.


To participate in the sew-along:



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  1. I’m so glad you are doing a bathingsuit! I love those… and now I have to find the proper fabric (maybe a trip to the fabric store will be needed…). Thank you for this fun sew along!

  2. This is just too cute; I especially like it in red on beautiful Rebecca whom I still want! Totally unsure what fabric to use for this, but hoping there’s something in my stash that will work, though I do believe I’ll have to try Joann’s (maybe Walmart?) for Soutache trim.

  3. Hi, Jen- I am so enjoying this Sew Along! I just posted my Seaside outfit. I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow and won’t have access to my email. Will I be able to download next week’s pattern when I return? I know the email says download is available only on that Thursday…? Thanks!

  4. Jen – the Swimming Costume did not resize good for the Wellie Wisher dolls. It will fit a smaller doll I have. I copied it at 79%. It was too short in the stride. Am I correct in deciding that I will need to lengthen the stride for next time? I am so enjoying the Sew Along – my first to participate!

    • It’s funny how some things resize easilyand others don’t; it ended up needing lengthening there for AGs when I resized also. Luckily the others in the series will be dresses, and straight skirts are super easy to lengthen 🙂

      • Mine was short for AGAT also, Jen, and I’d tried to cut it a bit longer as I’d seen a comment previously to starting. Just thought I should let you know, as many have commented on Flickr today that it’s too short/tight in case you need to alter the pattern you’re selling. Lost my nephew last Friday, so apologize I’d not had a chance to give you a head’s up sooner.

  5. I think my comment may have been lost when your blog disappeared earlier. I’ve really been enjoying seeing all of the creative renditions of your wonderful patterns. So much fun, and thank you for all of your efforts. Love the Sew Along.

  6. can I send mine tomarrow.. its  not send by Thursday its okay to send on Thursday..?  Carla  you very much.. I can take picture into my picture files but how do I get it into the flicker acct.. help if you can..thank you 

    • Yes, today is the last day. Go into flickr and just click the little cloud with the arrow to upload to your account then click “add to group” before you upload.

    • It was boots. If you submitted the links correctly please check your spam folder, several people had issues that it went there instead of their inbox

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