We Wish You a Retro Christmas part 3


This week we have the “sock” from our “sock full of gifts” series.  There was a version of this stocking for dad too that had a stocking decorated with a pipe and cigarette, which might have been period correct, but seems really strange and unrelated to Christmas.  Since I don’t have a doll fireplace, I attached a loop and hung mine on my tree.   Although one original hope of this series was to give you a craft to do with a child, the pieces for this are really small and even I found it challenging to get the tiny felt pieces to look nice.  There are some suggestions to make it easier in the pattern.


Get the pattern here

I forgot to share this version of Nanea’s jammies by firstladycpm:


They have an authentic drop seat and pocket, how cute is that? (click to see more pix)

[pic that won’t post]

I also haven’t yet reviewed the 15″ Big Lots dolls that Janet told me about in October!  Sad to have a backlog of stuff to do for the blog, but that’s one of the things on the list.

In case you’re wondering, yes, I got one and the bodies are pretty much identical to the Wellies in terms of measurements, although the jointing is a little different at the hips so they don’t look exactly the same when standing.  For $15 the price:quality ratio is good and they currently come in 3 different versions, making them a nice, inexpensive alternative to the Wellies!

(above image from http://airbornesurfer.com/tag/3-2-1-contact/)

In other news, it’s only 18 days now until the release of the next GOTY, which could be good or bad.  Jan 1 may not the best time to be considering an expensive doll purchase because Santa may have just brought you one and you will feel guilty getting a new one OR won’t appreciate the one from Santa.  Oh yeah, and you’re out of cash after buying all those other presents!

Of course, if what Santa brought you was an AG gift card…there are some really cool pix floating around the internet of Luciana, should you be inclined to spoil surprises for yourself  by doing searches for her dog or habitat.  🙂  The clothes I’ve seen so far though are kind of uninspiring.  Luciana is in some ways very much like the girl I was at that age!  In addition to dolls, I was super into space and computers (my Apple IIe!) and LOVED a magazine/TV show called 3-2-1 contact.  It kind of feels like the space program was different back then and maybe made more accessible/interesting to the public by the media than it is now.  It’s SO great to have a science-themed GOTY I just might have to get her, even though I already have a Truly Me who looks almost the same…


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  1. This is a fun project! Perfect for Nanae and Maryellen! Thank you! And the pj’s you are showing are so beautiful!
    I too am excited with the theme of the new GOTY Luciana! I don’t plan on getting her (I prefer the historical dolls), but her collection will be fun for sure!

  2. Thank you for the stocking and information about the 14″ dolls at Big Lots. Did you know that Target is suppose to have 14″ dolls called Giitter Girls by Battat. I saw them once in my store and now they are not longer there but they are on Amazon. Here is a little more information on the dolls at this site with a video about them.

    The Battat/Our Generation/Target 14” dolls are called “Glitter Girls.” I can’t find them on the website yet, but here’s some info from a fellow doll blogger: http://www.americangirlideas.com/new-glitter-girls-doll-line-target/

    They look really cute.

  3. Thanks for all of your patterns and ideas!!  I am finally getting caught up and have been pringing our some of your recent patterns.  I would be interested in the .pes files for the cat pockets and collar for the Retro Christmas week 1.  Let me know if there is anything else to do to receive them from you.Thanks again.

  4. Sweet stocking, Jen! LOVE the pineapple-print drop-seat pj’s by firstladycpm! I purchased Lycra fabric w/pineapples for a Nanea swimsuit @ our fabric outlet. Though not period-correct, I couldn’t resist the tiny pineapple print.
    Merriest Christmas wishes to you and your family, Jen! 😉

  5. So neat! I used to read 3•2•1 Contact as a kid as well as watched the show. They were the best! I’d bring the magazine to school in 5th grade and at one point my desk was sandwiched between two boys. One of them always had to borrow it and would ask when the next one would come. 😆 It did seem like the space program was a lot more interesting back then. Was it because I was still a kid? They made a neat movie about space camp and it sounded like that would’ve been a fun adventure to do.

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  7. Thank you for posting the photo of my “take” on your pajamas for Nanea! I’m feeling very honored that you featured them in your blog! And thanks to the readers & commenters who liked them! Happy Christmas, Jenwrenne!

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