Kaya’s coat contest winner!


Yay!  We have a winner in the Kaya’s coat contest chosen by google’s random number generator based on the number the spreadsheet assigned when you entered:

Congrats to Judith!

AND everyone who entered will get the pattern for her coat and boots!

If you didn’t enter, but want the patterns, they’re available on etsy here

And as promised, we’re back to Nanea this week with a tutorial on how to make doll-size leis from people-sized ones!

Get the lei tutorial here

 When I got Nanea I had a list of all kinds of things to make for her and there are still lots of cute things on the list including accessories, polymer clay food, some “period correct” pajamas, a few dresses, etc.  Now that it’s gotten really cold and fall-like here, it’s pretty hard to think about tropical prints and short sleeves or take her outside for a photo and pretend she’s in Hawaii when I’m freezing and there’s nothing but dead, wet grass and fall foliage at our altitude.  🙂
I sort of think if I’m feeling more like pumpkin muffins and chai than guava bread and pineapple juice, maybe you are too and we should shift to something more fall-like for a while. Then again, maybe it’s still really hot where you are, or it’s cold but you love Nanea so much you just want to keep making stuff for her even if she can’t wear it outside?
Let me know below – this poll is only open TODAY

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  1. Thank you, Jenny, for the coat and mocassins pattern! I love it! And thank you for this new project for Nanae… You will end up making me add Kaya and Nanae to my doll family! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the lei instructions and the coat pattern that I received in my email. I’m playing along with mini Nanea. She just arrived and is such a cutie. I can’t wait to go to Dollar Tree for some silk greenery to make her a hula skirt. I’m hoping they might have leis too. I think I’ve seen them there before. I would love it if you included mini Nanea in your Nanea patterns. And talking about Dollar Tree, how about a post where you use supplies from there to make doll things? The price is right.

  3. Yes for 18 inch doll Komo mai, nanea but happy fall outfits for both dolls also would be nice… and contest is always fun..so whatever you offer my doll will love… hugs, Linda

  4. Congratulations, Judith; enjoy your sweet Kaya coat! Thanks so much, Jen, for the coat/moc patterns, as well as the lei tut here! My Nanea definitely needs those!

  5. I am in Utah and it has turned COLD this past week! I’m in the mood for chai and muffins, but I still love the Nanea doll (not that I have one yet!) and have really enjoyed your posts for her. So, maybe we sip hot chocolate and still do Hawaii with the idea of Halloween coming up? :o)

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