How does anyone need a quilt when it’s that warm?


Well, I can’t answer that question because I live in Colorado.  Usually once or twice during a (mountain) CO summer it stays nearly 75 inside at night and for me, it’s way too hot to sleep under a quilt if that happens!  I checked a few Hawaiian weather forecasts though, and they were pretty much 75 for the low and 85 for the high all the time. How anyone needs extra warmth to sleep at that temperature is beyond me, but Hawaiian quilts are a beautiful and well-known art form, and you could always make them with very thin batting if needed for where your doll lives!

Click here for tons of patterns and ideas to make your doll a Hawaiian quilt!

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  1. Love the quilt. In south Florida it is cold when it is in the 60s. Believe it or not , having lived in North Dakota, I need a light quilt to sleep and I keep my AC at 78. Quilting is cooler than knitting or crocheting. I am starting my first quilt and can’t wait to do this quilt.

  2. Guess who just found out about American Girl catalogs? Four year old grand. She wants Nanea for Christmas. (Me too.) Perfect timing for the quilt. Love the examples. Thanks

  3. Beautiful! A good way to get a feel for making a Hawaiian Quilt and so many great designs to combine and/or use alone. Thanks!

  4. Thank you for the Hawaiian Quilt pattern. I was never a big fan of Hawaiian Quilts till I visited Hawaii back in 2005, then I discovered their beauty.. But it does get chilly there. When you get used to a certain temperature for a long period of time.. then it dips.. a thin quilt is perfect to shake off
    the nightly winter chill for adults and children. GOD Bless

    • Agreed. I start getting cold at starting at the low 70’s. If I open my windows at night, even if it’s 75, the cross breeze makes my room really cool. Hawaiian quilts more like coverlets. I just use one quilt and a regular sheet to sleep at night.

  5. I live in sunny southern AZ, so I certainly cannot answer that question, Jen, but my dolls likely do get chilly enough in our ‘winter’ to need one. Thanks, as always for your amazing quilt ideas!

  6. Yep! Hawaiian quilting is indeed a thing. I think the missionaries taught the native hawaiian women to quilt and they were inspired by the beauty around them. there are traditional hawaiian quilting patterens in n’s seems to be correct in this. and hey, i would turn off the fan and bury under quilts when it got to be in the low sixities at night!

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