Nanea’s ruffled dress



Wow!  So many people are in love with Nanea and LOTS of you bought the new collection of patterns, which makes me think, “People want more for Nanea!” 🙂  But if you went to the AG store (in Denver anyway) this weekend they were out of pretty much everything for Nanea except her PJs, fishing set, swimsuit and bed.  So, in case one of the things you wanted but couldn’t buy was her school dress, here you go:

Download Nanea’s ruffled dress pattern here

Oh wow…scary encounter shortly after this pic was taken!  After packing up all our gear, we walked about 10 feet away from this spot where we encountered a RATTLESNAKE!  I shrieked and ran, DH stood where he was and pulled the camera back out.  I’m nice enough to spare you those pix though 🙂




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  1. Thank you so much for the gorgeous pattern! I hope that nobody (including Nanea) was bitten! Your husband is a hero!

  2. Thank you so much! My only question about the pattern is how do you sew the neck facing to the collar. I’ve been sewing off and on for a few years, but not really more than an advanced beginner and I’m having trouble visualizing that step.

  3. Thank you so much for this pattern! It’s lovely! Your pattern collection makes me want Nanae (I thinks she is adorable, but my space tells me “no more”!), just so I can sew for her! 🙂

    • I want to add that I’m very impressed that you could find the picture that inspired the dress AG created… it is so very similar! Even the bodice pleats are there!

  4. So cute! I’ve been downloading your free patterns for some time and never thanked you. Thank you! I love your designs and will do better!

  5. I would love to see the snake photo. Did it have rattles? So glad you didn’t step near it accidentally.
    I actually did the same scream/run the other day when we found a dead rat in the garage the other day. And the dress pattern is so welcome. Love it.

  6. Thank you!!! I really like that dress and now I don’t have to pay for AG’s–AND I can choose my own fabric. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the original pattern drawings, too. Very cute! (I wish it were something I could wear. lol!)

      • I had a close encounter with a rattlesnake white in the Rockies a few years back. I thought it was the pecking of a woodpecker on a nearby tree. The park ranger told me there were no woodpeckers there; it was a rattlesnake. I was all alone up in the mountain, contemplating the future. The snake was just keeping me company ?!? I never saw him. But I recognized the sound when I got back to the visitor center later that day.

      • Me, too. I don’t mind the non-poisonous ones, but do try to avoid the other kind. But will be interesting to see the creature.

        Love the dress–absolutely have to make the dress, although I’d say it’s more likely to fit the Christmas dress time frame than back-to-school. Thanks!

  7. Your interpretation of Nanea’s dress is spot on. Thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness in offering your pattern for free. My goodness I would have been scared half to death to come across a rattlesnake like that. Your hubby was a hero!

  8. Ahhhh a Rattlesnake is scary!! Lucky for me we dont have them in Alaska! Thanks for the Pattern! Totally making this!

  9. I so appreciate this and every pattern you’ve generously offered over the years. May I ask what the dimensions of the skirt pieces are? The waistband? Thank you again.

  10. Nearly missed your post; I was no longer ‘following’, but fixed now! 😉 Thanks so much, Jen, for this darling dress pattern & now the hunt is on for flowery AG-sized Hawaiian prints. So glad you’re both safe after your rattlesnake encounter – YIKES!

  11. Thank you! I’m excited to sew for Nanea. I went to the San Francisco store and had the same experience as in Denver…empty shelves…so I had to buy Gabriella!

  12. Thank you for the sweet dress. i will never own Nanea, but would love to make the Muumuu you show in your combined pattern. Is there any chance it will ever be released as a “only” pattern. It would look nice on my other non-AMdolls. I will never make the sun dress pattern, but your Muumuu pattern is much more like what I think a muumuu should look like vers the the freeby pattern released by Pixie Faire last week.

    • Unfortunately their bodies have such different proportions they can’t resize with simple percentage reductions. If a bunch more people are interested, I can resize this for WW but that means less blog time devoted to Nanea…

  13. Do you have a place to post a picture of my take on your pattern? Thank you so much for the pattern. It was very timely and fun to make.

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