Felt fun with Lottie!


If your kids have hit that summer slump and you’re looking for something fun to craft with them, you’re going to be happy with these projects!  The Lottie line (which also now includes 2 boys, Finn and Sammi ) is great as summer doll because they’re small and light, which means they travel well (mine went to Korea!) and being all hard plastic they’re durable enough for the beach/camping/etc.

You might recall a few weeks ago I mentioned my Forest Friend Lottie was pretty lacking in the outfit/accessory department compared to the rest of them, so I started making some little stuffed forest friends for her based on the pictures from her packaging.  That idea expanded into a versatile little owl who can be used as a sleeping bag or carrying pouch for up to two Lotties at a time, or one Lottie and some felty friends coming next week!


This is a great project to do with a child, and the instructions note which parts can be hand sewed and which are best on a machine.  If the child has some sewing experience and is patient enough, the whole thing could be done by hand, and an experienced seamstress with lots of wool felt and embroidery floss could turn this into a work of art!

Download it here


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  1. Such a cute way of carrying around Lottie while sleeping! It could be a good to convince little girls of starting sewing. Thanks a lot.

  2. Thanks very much for the free owl pattern Jennie! The owl sleeping bag/carrying case is absolutely precious. What a great early sewing project for young children! Sadly, I don’t know anyone who has this doll yet; but she appears to be just a little bigger than a mini-AG doll. So, I think it can be pretty versatile for similar doll body shapes. It would even be a fun idea to go along with a felt “paper” doll/animal for young boys or girls; since every kid loves exploring the forest. What an awesome surprise! Thanks again. 😀💝 God bless. 🙏🏼

  3. How tall is a “Lottie” doll? I have never seen one. It would help on all your patterns for newcomers to just mention a given doll’s height, so they can decide if the pattern would possibly fit any dolls they own. Thanks for all the great patterns and ideas you come up with and share!

  4. Thank you so much for this really cute sleeping bag. I do like the Lottie dolls. Part of the new items is a canoe set. The UK site also has a tent and camping items. Hopefully they will be sold on the USA site. The canoe is there.

  5. This is so cute! I think my boys and I will be making a pair of these soon. This would also have been an awesome favor bag for my son’s woodland animal themed birthday party.

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