Welcome Su-Jin!


If you finished the sew-along and posted all your pix on flickr, congratulations!  Your dachshund pattern will be emailed out today.  If you need more time to complete all the outfits, please see last week’s post for info on how to do that!

You’re surely aware of AG’s newest modern doll, “Z”.  We went to the AG store the weekend she launched, but I couldn’t bring myself to get her when the only difference between her and “the doll formerly known as Violet” was a beauty mark and slightly longer hair.  A big surprise was that they were selling Z’s sparkly shoes separately, so I snapped those up and also got her camera equipment.  The plan was to also get her book, read it, and use “the doll formerly known as Violet” as “Z”.  Can you believe the books were sold out?   Maybe others had the same idea…  So anyway, I read the beginning of it on amazon and decided…meh, not worth $10, I’d rather invent my own story, although I like the outfits/accessories they came up with for Z and decided to do something similar for my doll.

su jin at palace 2

“The doll formerly known as Violet” has been renamed “Su Jin” (수 진) and is Korean-American.  I wanted to emphasize a little more of her heritage in my doll and started a storyline/journal which will most likely not appear here.  One of my secret vices is that I LOVE K-dramas.  Unlike American shows or telenovelas that a) drag on forever until you lose interest and b) make your head spin trying to keep up with who’s cheating on whom, K-dramas are refreshing.  They have a limited number of episodes, so the story usually follows a coherent plot line, and many of the ones I’ve seen are suitable for family viewing, assuming younger viewers either speak Korean or can read fast enough to deal with subtitles.  There’s also a sub-genre of historical ones with amazing costumes and what I used to think were incredible sets.  What we realized in Korea is that the historical dramas are often filmed in actual historical locations and many times, there are posters/information about which dramas were filmed where.  I started watching a new-to-me one (Gu Family Book) after coming home and thought, “Hmm…I swear we have a picture of that building.”  Sure enough, we did!  It was partly filmed at the Korean Folk Village, which also happens to be one of my favorite places we visited. 😊 http://www.koreanfolk.co.kr/multi/english/

This post was originally going to appear with one pattern a day, but the thought of doing a post every day and breaking all of this up into multiple pdfs seemed like it might be annoying to link back to find things later, so here is one MEGA post with an entire mix/match wardrobe.  As you’ll see in the pix, it makes a perfect capsule/travel wardrobe and should be more than enough to keep you busy all week!  Enjoy!

su jin at maisan

Download it here

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  1. I love K-Dramas too!!! I hardly ever watch anything else these days. I can’t wait to make this t-shirt. Thank you so much.

  2. Jenny, you are so generous! This is a great mix and match wardrobe and those are the best when making a gift for a little girl! The possibilities are endless! I love how you incorporate some of your alreday existing patterns to complete the outfits. Su-Jin is beautiful and she looks like she will have a great life of adventures! Can’t wait to see more of her!

    I wish I would have had time to complete the SSA, but life really got in the way (and my craft room is a total mess where I just dumped everything I or my daughter and friends would have needed for DIYs…). I need to clean up (waiting for the next rainy day… sunshine is too rare this year not to spend sunny days outside!) and then work on this wardrobe for my Willa who will be happy to have something made especially for her!

  3. I think i’m having a dense momment here. Could you please explain what is happening with the skirt hem facing? In the photos it looks as if a hem allowance has been pressed up, then a seamed two piece band is sewn to the raw skirt edge. What happened to the original pressed up allowance?

    I love this mix and match wardrobe! It feels like Christmas to be getting so many freebies!

    • There are a variety of ways to do it. You can:
      1. treat the band like the waistband and face it
      2. sew it together first, turn and then sew both edges to the skirt raw edge
      3. just cut one and hem it

  4. Your photos are wonderful, and Su Jin looks fabulous set into the Korean settings. Thank you for the patterns and the virtual trip to Korea!

  5. This is great! I once helped knew a woman who introduced herself as “Cheryl” but her proper name was Ciew Lin. So Violet and Su Jin could still be one in the same.
    Fabulous post and great patterns. Thank you.

  6. Woe oh my goodness I love this post! I’ve been toying with this idea as well. Creating my own Z type character doll as I do have a doll that looks very similar to Z. Well sorda. She is number 25. So she looks like Z but without the Asian eyes which I kinda do miss. Who knows maybe later on I will get Z. So far I havent gotten any of the new dolls that have come out this year. I cant wait to get my free doggy pattern! And work on these new patterns! You’re little blog always gives me plenty to do in my free time!

  7. Oh and I read the Stenciled Tea Dress. Your wild mountain yard looks similar to my 4 and a half acres of wild Alaskan forest yard hehe. 🙂 Gotta love those woods.

  8. I hadn’t realized there’d be a pattern the last week of June, so glad I had time to get all the outfits made. Your trip had to be amazing, judging from your photos, Jen! Thank you for all you so willingly share w/us!😄

  9. I have Z (she was a generous giftie from a friend) and I think using these will be a wonderful expansion to her wardrobe! (I have been busy and haven’t been able to do any sew alongs recently, but I do have everything you’ve offered on this blog, I think. At some point I should really buy some patterns from you. You do great work.)

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