SSA Week 5


Every time I’m gone for a while the posts are long.  Just scroll past the text to the bottom for the pattern if you’d like! 🙂

I wish you could all have seen the smile on my face this morning as I went through the flickr page and saw what everyone had made!  I started pasting some of my favorites here and then there were too many, but I did want to share this pic from Sylvie:

because when I told my mom I was taking Lottie to Korea, she said, “Oh I think you should take that other cute little one you have instead…what’s her name?  Ten Ping?  She looks more like she could be Korean”   I totally agree, but if you’ve priced both dolls recently you’ll understand why Lottie got to come with 😊  Although they’re similar in height, Ten Ping is wider, more like a vintage Ginny, whereas Lottie is more like a Tiny Betsy:

IMG_6986comparison (2)

L-R:  Ruby red Gigi, vintage 1950s Ginny, 1980s Ginny, vintage Tiny Betsy, Lottie (Karate)

See the vintage cuties in the photo above?  They’re the reason the sew-along patterns are going to stay posted (rather than reappearing in my etsy shop) and you’ll have an unprecedented EXTRA MONTH to get your sewing done because I’m feeling generous due to generosity toward me.  Here’s the deal:  If you’ve been sewing along and posting your pix here you can enter your links to your photos by July 5 here and get a free pattern for Betsy’s dog, Nosy, which will be sent out July 6.

If you miss that deadline, you can enter until July 31 on this form and you will get your Nosy pattern Aug 1.

IMG_2489r (2)

Lottie had a great time in Korea, although there were many dangerous creatures that tried to eat her…

IMG_6966r (2)

and some that she made friends with.

See more of Lottie in Korea here:

And now the part you scrolled down for:

IMG_6983r (2)

Get the pattern here

Also, my mid-century furniture/accessory project didn’t appear last week, so here it is:

IMG_6929r (2)

It’s a chair based on a McCall’s pattern for Ginny/Tiny Betsy but enlarged and adapted to fit 14″-15″ dolls.

Get the chair pattern here

Pattern for Nosy is available to those that complete the summer sew-along.  Here’s how:

  1. Post your pix here
  2. Enter your links to your photos by July 5 here and get a free pattern for Betsy’s dog, Nosy, which will be sent out July 6.


Now that the sew-along is over what will be appearing?

(Don’t read if you prefer surprises) 🙂

Cuteness!  Different sizes!  Since I took May off from blogging (but not sewing) there’s a bit of a backlog that may appear as a post a day of mix/match patterns in AG size that you will love!  After that, there are some totally adorable felt Lottie accessory projects, (definitely appearing) followed (almost certainly) by Lottie clothes and then I’m toying with several ideas for an easy (maybe foam core?) house for 8” dolls since that is a sadly neglected scale.  The only issue there is what style could suit all my dolls of that size from the Lotties with their different interests, (Fairy? Hanok? Science lab? Tent? Hogwarts?) to Betsy and Ginny, who’d clearly prefer a mid-century one with their original McCall’s cardboard/fabric furniture.  That will take us about up to August and back to school/work and feverishly working on a new pattern collection.  If you’re like me and counting down the days until August 24, (56 more days!) you might be able to guess what the next collection will be!

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  1. These designs are so darn cute that I’ve been gnashing my teeth all month in frustration since I don’t know how to adapt the sizing to a doll I own. I have no desire to own a Wellie Wisher, but I’m beginning to think that one may be coming to my house anyway. If it does the only reason it will be here is to give me a reason to sew these adorable outfits.

  2. Oh, what fun – thank you so much for your ongoing generosity and outpouring of energy. You seem re-energized from your travels and have hit the ground running!

  3. I have a question – can we use the patterns from the whole sew-along, or do we have to sew all the patterns in order as they appear? Since I’m really busy atm but some of the patters here are literally begging me to drop everything and sew these instead of the commishes xD;

  4. Super post. Thank you for all of the patterns. Love the cover up. Perfect with that little swim suit. And a chair too? Fun.

  5. This robe is adorable! Thank you for the pattern! It works beautifully with the swimsuit!

    I love your Lottie pictures from Korea! It looks like you all had a great time!

    I’m looking forward to your summer posts! They sound intriguing! 🙂

  6. Is the chair required for the summer sewalong and Nosy? I have enjoyed making all these things for my daughter’s Willa.

  7. I love your blog, and am so going to try these patterns. (I am temporarily stuck in a bit of a jam on making mermaid outfits out of rather impossible-to-sew on dance fabric, which I am now regretting but of course, it was for my granddaughter). When I untangle, I will be trying these out!

    I have a Melissa and Doug doll sized very close to a Wellie Wisher but much less expensive, and nicely made! I got it so that I could make things for my granddaughter’s Wellie Wisher, and even she is convinced it is part of the family! I also have several 8″ dolls (vintage to not really all that old) that could use some outfits, so I love your note about future possibilities.

    Ginnies and Tiny Betsies and I have a set of the 8″ Madeline collection from the 1990s, oh so cute.
    Thank you so much!

  8. I have wanted to participate, but hv had an “interesting” summer, not nearly as much fun as yours! I began the swimsuit by hand (boy, am i out of practice) and when my eye heals I will add it to the flickr account and hope to get the other outfits sewn!

  9. Welcome back and thank you for the extension! I will not finish all the patterns today. Last year I only got through the first week and never posted a picture, but this year the dog pattern is an excellent carrot because my daughter has actually been asking for one for her (Hearts for Hearts) dolls for awhile now. So happy for the chance to make an appropriate-sized dog! Even so, it’s been a juggle to keep up (or not, in my case), and I have only completed the first 2 weeks so far. It’s heaven to do something purely for the fun of it, though, and my girls are certainly excited for the new outfits. I will post pictures asap for those.

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