I’m not avoiding you…



but if you try to contact me and don’t get a response it because we’re in Korea!  Likewise, if you post a comment, it won’t show up until it’s moderated.  Our farm sitter is an extremely capable person, but can’t answer your sewing/blog questions, so you’ll have to wait until I’m back 🙂

 My going away present to you and your Lottie:

IMGP7459 (2)

Get the pattern here

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  1. Enjoy your trip, Jenny! I can’t wait to hear about it! The pattern is super cute, and I hope to adapt it for the larger girls (Tipi, although not Korean, would look really great in this!).

  2. Hi, Looking through the patterns on your blog and am up to Feb. 2016. For the heart embroidery, I’ve found anytime I want to scan a drawing or magazine article, if I place a piece of black construction paper on top of the sheet I’m scanning, print from the up-facing side of the page doesn’t show through. Jennie, please email me privately about old doll patterns when you return. Thanks.

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