It’s daffodil time!


This is my favorite time of year!  Birds are singing and flying around busily with twigs and bits of fluff for their nests and every little flower pushing its way up out of the dirt makes me smile.  Every time I go for a walk I keep taking deep breaths to smell the beautiful blossoms on all the bushes and trees.

This week’s dress celebrates daffodil time!  It’s such a simple pattern, it seems to cry out for lace and embroidery and trim, but in this case I stuck with the simplicity of a daffodil – just some petals and a ruffle.

Get the pattern here

This is the final pattern of our 1950s series for 14″ dolls, have you been keeping up?  Posting pix?  If you haven’t, how about this for an incentive:  I’ve been working on some REALLY cute 1950s dresses for AG size that feature embroidery and other special touches and you can enter to win the new collection of patterns!  Here’s a sneak peek:

How to enter:

  • Post pix of all the outfits you’ve made from this 14″ doll 1950s series here. (Yes, you can take one photo of a bunch of dolls in all the outfits if you prefer)
  • Enter the link(s) to your photos here before April 26 at midnight [Contest is now closed]
  • The winner will be chosen at random by a number generator and announced next Thursday!

There is NO other way to enter.  Do NOT try to enter this contest by emailing me photos or ask me to enter you any other way.  You must post your photo(s) on the flickr page and then submit the link(s) in the form.

Don’t feel like going through all that work to enter a contest?  The new 1950s AG collection will be available on etsy next week!





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  1. Thank you! I was wondering how this dressy dress from the pattern would turn out in real life! I love that you chose this lovely yellow! Kendall looks too cute in it, with the daffodils! I loved this series and thank you for the efforts into the creation of patterns that fit well two different dolls! I’m looking forward to your series of embroidered dresses. I wish I would have time to get a dress or two ready, but since it’s the end of the semester that is beginning now, I don’t see how I’d find time to get the sewing machine out before the 26th! But I have plans for your great patterns when the semester is over!

  2. Definitely need incentive here. Dollies have not been top priority as of late, but I’ll give it a try.
    A very cute Wellie pattern too. Love your photo. Reminds me that I must pull weeds pronto.

    • Most of these were done on a Brother SE400 with a 4×4 hoop. These designs will be available later this week in pes format as part of the new 1950s collection!

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