And the winner is…


So the vote from last week ended up with the Betsy patterns as a winner, and I have to say

a) I’m happy we’re going in that direction and

b) I’ll have some more fun 1950s crafts besides the Betsy dresses!

This week, we’re back to our scheduled sew-along of adapted Butterick 7973.  For the bodices and blouse so far, I had to make a lot of changes for a nice fit.  This week’s pattern includes both the original and some notes and altered pattern pieces to adapt for Wellies and other dolls with a similar torso.  As a reminder, their measurements are similar but proportions/shape are different, especially at the waist.  So more fitted pants were difficult to have fit both equally well.


IMG_6720r (2)

Get the pattern here

Need a blouse? Get it here:

OK, and that’s all the time I have to post so I can go get the guest room ready for the weekend. Our guest bed is usually covered with dolls awaiting fittings/photo shoots, and piles and piles and piles of outfits, but when your niece gets a last minute flight, you have to run in there and shove all the poor dolls back into their boxes and do something with all those outfits…  Note to self:  visit her next time instead 🙂

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  1. Thank you Jenny for this cute pattern, and also for all the details about fitting.
    I wish you a great time with your niece! Too bad the dolls have to move out temporarly, but it’s for a good cause! Visiting a your place must be a treat!

  2. Oh so happy, I couldn’t wait till momma was finished reading the McCall magazine. Only then was I allowed to remove my paper doll. We all had a shoe box that we took to school to play paper dolls.
    I have so enjoyed your site. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  3. Great pattern! Perfect outfit for helping pull weeds, we have lots and planting the garden. This one can be made so many ways. Love it and thank you.

  4. Cute coveralls–definitely from that era.

    You just need to get your niece interested in dolls so she begs you to leave them out for her to see. 🙂 Enjoy the visit!

  5. Hi Jenni

    We can’t get Wellie wisher dolls here in South Africa ( or if we can they are very expensive) Do you have advice on how to adapt your patterns for an 18inch doll?

    I am making clothes for my grand daughter and the doll I have bought is more like the AG doll in size.

    Many thinks for the fun 50s patterns – reminds me of some of the clothes my mother used to make me!

    Kind regards

    Margie Williams

    Cape Town, South Africa

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