Green and White – 1950s style!


OK, green was not necessarily a 1950s color, but after making all the other things in pink and blue, I needed a change.  When I went to take the pix, I noticed it was “green and white” outside too, thanks to a snowstorm falling on the just-beginning-to-emerge grass.


The outfit for this week is a blouse/pants combo that looks perfect and vintage on Toni.  Girls in the 1950s might have worn this as play clothes or maybe for gardening or some other task, but it wouldn’t have been appropriate for, say, school.  On a modern doll like my Della, it seems to hint “vintage” in a really sweet way.  This would be an adorable outfit for a young child too!


Get the pattern here

Have a look at what’s new on the Flickr group or post your own pix here:

There are a number of new things on the flickr page, and here are some cute ones from the recent 1950s patterns, just in case you need more inspiration to get you sewing them:

Adapted pattern from Wrenfeathers

Willa in a “double dots” dress by Nonniebelle07


Great idea by Karen to shorten this for use with leggings


Wellie Wishers 50's dress2 jen bagrowski 005

How did I never realize Camille’s boots have little fins?  They are too cute and a great match for gammerangel’s sweet seersucker dress!


And this gingham dress by Marge makes me feel like Camille just kicked off her boots to run through the grass to a picnic!


11 responses

  1. Thank you very much Wren for your wonderfull 50’s patterns. I love these kind of patterns and still have some for baby doll.
    I don’t have time to make some of yours then but planned to sew a few dresses for Paola Reina or D’nenes dolls soon 😉

  2. Actually, I had a skirt the exact shade of green as the pants, in 1960! I think there was a fair bit of green around in the 1950s too 🙂

  3. This outfit sure has a retro/vintage feel! Is it inspired by a picture seen on a vintage pattern? Toni sure is a pretty doll! And Kendall seems ready to go dig in the mud! Thank you for the pattern!

    • Yes! Everything in this set is based on vintage Butterick 7973, adapted/resized to fit Toni and the Wellies equally well. 🙂

  4. Perfect blouse and pants pattern for those pre summer days. I can see a pair or shorts from the pattern too, when it warms up.
    Love the snow/grass photo with the little dots of sunshine adding to the colors.

  5. Green and White – 1950s style This is so cute I wish it came in 18 inch I just love how the blouse is made

  6. Thank you for these 1950’s style patterns. My Wellie Wishers and Heart For Heart dolls will have a new wardrobe.