Let’s make more 50s clothes for our smaller dolls!


For this week, we have another easy-to-sew mid-century dress that’s equally adorable on vintage or modern dolls.  You’ll notice this skirt is MUCH wider than last week’s.  Skirts in the 1950s were very wide, but it can be hard to gather enough fabric onto a smaller bodice to get that look.  Poly-cotton blend gingham is usually on the thin side, which meant more of it could be used than if I’d chosen a heavier-weight fabric.  A puffy petticoat can hold it out to Toni’s width, or you can let it hang naturally like Emiko’s for a less fussy look.

In case you’re wondering, yes, I was going for a vaguely “Dorothy” look on Toni with the shiny shoes 🙂

Get the pattern here

Share your creations:


If you post pix, it tells me you are enjoying the 1950s series and more things will keep appearing!  I spent last weekend on some 50s craft projects that your dolls might like and am also working on some larger size outfits too!

They don’t even need to be 1950s-inspired.  Check out the princess dress with clever crown from gammerangel:

Wellies at Target?

Yep.  Well, some of the SuperTargets anyway, as my husband noticed, which led to a “Awesome Husband” award last weekend.  I’ve had a rough couple of weeks and was super stressed out about work and DH wanted to go hiking and get my mind off things.  When he opened my car door, look who was waiting for a hug:


It’s the Wellie Wisher Kendall, whom I’m calling “Della” for short.  Apparently she’s the crafty/DIY gal of the group which he thought was a good fit for my personality.  It seems almost unreasonable that I’d like her so much – she’s just a piece of plastic, right?  But I can’t stop smiling every time I see her!  Receiving her this way made her a symbol that my husband acknowledged I was super stressed, and went out of his way to do something that would  make me smile. ❤

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  1. I love the gingham and crinolines were a definite must – I remember, even as a very young girl that they cost $5.00!! It was a lot of money then. I loved my crinoline and twirling 🙂 Your husband is a keeper! What a wonderful gift – in the car, ready to hug you, and the perfect one for you – Della will make you smile forever 🙂 I have not seen any Wellie Wishers in person, but she is really cute 🙂 Target made a brief visit to Canada, but without much stock – it always looked like it was closing up. We were very excited that it was coming – they blew it. There are so many American dolls that we would like to get, without paying high shipping and duty, on top of exchange. Besides, who does not want to touch it, and check it out – make sure of picking just the right doll 🙂 Your husband got it just right 🙂 Thank you for the pattern! I loved gingham halter tops with matching denim shorts when I was little – I had forgotten that denim came in colours! Thanks for the memories 🙂

  2. Oh my, such cuteness! I love this dress! Toni looks gorgeous in it, it is the perfect dress for her! And Emiko is equally adorable. Thank you for the pattern!

    Your DH is such a wonderful treasure! I love Kendall, and as I was trying to figure out which WW doll I should get as a b’day preset from me to me, I hesitated between Kendall and Willa (I love Emerson too…). Willa came home because she can act as Felicity’s little sister Nan, but I see what you mean about not being able to stop smiling at Kendall. She has this little something… Enjoy her!

  3. What a wonderful husband! Sounds like he’s a keeper. Maybe we should all leave this post open on our computers today to inspire the men in OUR lives– 🙂 Love the ’50s theme too; what a fun idea! Hope the week ahead brings more smiles than stress.

  4. So glad that your husband gave you a big hug via ‘Della”. Your blog followers send you a big virtual hug for your creativity and willingness to share!

  5. Thank you so much for the free pattern. Like all of your patterns, it is adorable. I am just waiting for someone I know to get one of the new WW dolls for me to create clothes for her. Sorry I am unabe to post pictures of garments I make with your awesome patterns. The reason is that I don’t have a Flicker account; and it is in no way a reflection of my interest or use of your lovely designs. Your husband is indeed thoughtful and supportive to surprise you with a new WW doll! Sweet! Again, thank you very much, and God bless.

  6. Thank you so much for this sweet pattern for Wellie Wisher dolls! I have Willa and Camille and they are all so cute. Your doll is adorable and your husband is a real keeper! What a nice thoughtful thing for him to do! Thanks again for the pattern! I always look forward to getting your patterns. THANK YOU SO MUCH!   

  7. You do have a very nice hubby to buy you Kendall. I also have Kendall and I think she is very cute. I have many of the American Girl Dolls and my hubby bought me Logan for my birthday. I am so glad that they are bringing Felicity back. I love the colonial clothing. Hoping they bring back some of her accessories and of course her baby sister Polly. That one was really cute.

    Thank you so much for giving us your wonderful patterns. This one is especially cute and I will have to make her for my two granddaughters. Actually, because it is so easy, I think I will have them make it themselves. Last summer we had Grandmas Sewing School and I bought them each a sewing machine ( they are cousins and live in Florence Ky. where two of daughters live. ) They love sewing so this will be a fun project for the girls ages 8 and 9.

  8. Your husband definitely deserves the great husband award. Thank you so muche for this sweet pattern.I was sitting get in my sewing room trying to decide what I was going to make today. Opened up my email and was thrilled to see your email. I’m off to sew this dress. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. What a guy! As a retired special ed elementary resource teacher I do understand spring conference stress. It’s a part of teaching I don’t miss at all! I’m loving your blog and appreciate your patterns.

  10. Little Della is adorable. I’m sure she will help improve your outlook. Your school kids will too.
    The pattern is so sweet in gingham. Simple but some trim makes it pop.
    I’m so glad you posted the flickr group/share because it is always hard to locate for me. Hoping lots post their new outfit photos.

  11. How sweet of him!

    My first thought when I saw that doll in her new dress was that she reminded me of Ginny, a doll I had many, many years ago. She was about eight inches tall, I think, and very possibly made by Madame Alexander. There was just something about that picture . . . .

  12. Loving the focus on 14″ dolls. Your blog, dolls, patterns and photography is so enriching. I love it. Thank you 🙂

  13. What a doll – your husband – that is! He is definitely a sweetie. Dell is, of course, cute too.

    I love the 50’s theme and remember the dresses well – great memories. Thank you for all the beautiful patterns you create and share, and thank you for putting up my version of your Kamiz.

  14. Jen, we’re both such lucky wives! I was ‘felled like a giant redwood’ with influenza in February, followed by major allergies (lots of desert rain, so major allergens follow). DH rewarded me with a trip to AG; definitely a keeper, as is yours! 😉 Hope Della keeps you smiling! Apologize for being so absent here/on Flickr recently, but I so appreciate all your kindness in sharing so much doll joy/knowledge/patterns w/us. Plan to post a photo today.

  15. I love this pattern, and the last one too! I am itching to make this dress, and I even know what fabric from my stash I want to use. Unfortunately there is a baby sleep-training in my studio currently so my machine is off-limits 😦

    I have instead posted some dresses to the flickr group that I made before baby girl came along – I have been intending to get them up there for some time! Hopefully I’ll get my sewing room back soon.

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