BHM Week 3



We’re already in our third week of February.  Are you/your kids enjoying their Black History Month reading?  This week we have a book from Newbery award winner Christopher Paul Curtis called “The Watsons Go to Birmingham.”  I’ve enjoyed all his books that I’ve read, but chose this one in particular because it’s a great read for kids.  The Watson children live in the unsegregated north (Michigan) in the 1960s and experience segregation and civil rights issues while visiting family in Alabama.  Kids, identifying with the main characters, will experience it through their eyes and probably feel similarly when confronted with segregation, since it’s completely foreign to their experience as well.

Get the coat pattern here

Why a coat as the pattern?  The book starts with how cold it is during the Michigan winter since the heat is broken, so it will help keep a doll warm as she reads/acts out the story.
All the patterns so far have been at the intermediate sewing level and this is no exception, but if that makes you sad, rejoice!  Next week’s pattern will be very easy, but also have some special touches for those that like things a little more challenging 🙂

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  1. I graduated from high school in 1965; this coat is very much like the one I went to college with! Thank you for this pattern! (And for all these ’60s patterns! I had a one-piece gymsuit too!)

  2. You chose a great book. I really enjoyed it when I listened to it a couple of years ago. The coat is a good choice too for Melody who certainly needs one for Detroit winters.

  3. really cute coat, not that my girls need really warm coats here in Southern AZ but I want it to make it because it is so cute.

  4. What a gorgeous coat! I love the desing and I’m so thankful for your sharing the pattern! Melody looks beautiful in those colors!

  5. Jen, your coat is stunningly gorgeous – LOVE it, though I bought Melody’s special when they had her coat set included. I’ve been felled by Influenza for over a week now and still not feeling much improvement, so unsure when I’ll be back to sewing again. Really wanted to get to AGP to see Tenney/Logan, so truly need to be well SOON! ;(

  6. I remember reading this book in school! I actually really enjoyed it too, and I loved all the activities my teacher had us do along with the book. It was especially neat because we lived in Michigan at that time and I could totally relate to the characters! I cant wait to make this for Melody!

  7. This looks like a great pattern. Thanks so much for sharing it. I can see a lot of interesting variations – coat dress anyone?

  8. Love the stories with your outfits. Michigan winters are normally cold but we are having a very strange winter and yesterday it was 60. Your patterns are adorable and I just wanted to thank you for all the time and love you obviously put into them 🙂

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