Nancy and Emiko on Safari



So, back in October I got a reproduction Nancy Famosa, who didn’t actually make it onto the blog for a while.  In the meantime, I got obsessed with the 1970s, since that’s the era she was from, and also got Crissy’s cousin Velvet and did some sewing for her.  There are a ton of half-finished things for Nancy, and also an interesting post started about Velvet’s clothes.  I try to keep the blog relevant and interesting to the greatest number of people, although I also sometimes post things here just because I like them. For instance, Nancy is probably not super popular in the US, because she’s hard to find, but I adore her.  31647189795_376eb16cfa

Some blog readers want to see something awesome, download the pattern and make it for that exact doll.   Others say they are interested to see a variety of dolls here, even if they don’t have them and maybe let the photos inspire something they’d like to make for another doll.  What do you think?


This week’s pattern is a sort of hybrid outfit for Nancy based on her originals “Kenia” and “Safari”.

If you lengthen the sleeves and pair it with these pants, you can make a few more variations of her original outfits too!  I was going to break this up into two posts, but decided instead to do both parts (skirt and blouse) this week and might skip posting next week.  The skirt will also fit Girl for all Time, but the top is too small.  The whole outfit also fits the Wellie Wishers but looks best with the hems of both top and skirt shortened a bit!

Get the pattern here

In case your dolls have nothing to wear for the holidays yet, I was on the Wrenfeathers flickr page and found some nice holiday dress ideas that are not just red and green:


 This cute gingerbread Sasha outfit is by Mary Davis.


And this sparkling blue party dress is by Penny Tennerman

You can post pix of YOUR dolls celebrating in their Wrenfeathers dresses here


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  1. This is a beautiful, classy outfit, true to the era (and looking modern too!). I like it that it fits the WW too! I really enjoy seeing your outfits for various dolls, and it is often rather easy to make them fit other size dolls too, with minor adjustments. It’s all part of sewing, in my opinion!

  2. Wow! I’m feeling all proud of myself with my photo making it to your blog post. That dress was one of a group that I made for a library display to promote a doll tea party program held there this past November. I used another of your free patterns in that display too. They were both easy to sew and turned out well. Thanks for always coming up with fun things for us to make. I love the variety.

  3. Nancy’s adorable with her sweet face! She and Emiko look well-dressed and ready to take on whatever crosses their paths on safari. I love seeing and learning about other dolls, many I’ve never heard of & likely wouldn’t IF I didn’t visit your educational/informative blog. Thanks, again, for all you so lovingly share and Merry Christmas, Jen!

  4. What a wonderful year of patterns you have provided for us. A big thank you and hope you and family have a wonderful holiday/vacation.

  5. Thank you for so many things, especially your enthusiasm! My church group has agreed to do another doll boutique featuring madame Alexander and whatever other dolls are donated.As the designated seamstress I’m finding you an invaluable source. My daughter is 54, my granddaughter is 26 and there is no one on my horizon to sew for. Your blog is an inspiration.

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