Goodbye April?


As the year draws to a close, April’s suitcase is packed to leave!  Having her as the GOTY was fun, but didn’t quite work out quite how I’d planned.  Then again, those plans were made in a fit of inspiration and optimism over last year’s winter break.  There are so many unfinished projects/ideas on the back burner for her, it’s probable you’ll see April again next year.


I have little patience with doll props that are not in scale, and suitcases are one of my biggest pet peeves.  The point of a suitcase is to put clothing and other items in it to be able to take them somewhere.  When companies make doll suitcases that don’t actually fit doll shoes/clothes it significantly reduces their play value.

With the holidays coming up, many dolls will be traveling or possibly receiving a few new outfits.  This quilted suitcase is the perfect accessory to keep a couple of outfits or a bunch of shoes shoes organized for travel, and would also make a clever wrapping for giving an outfit as a gift!

Download the suitcase pattern here


In other news, the doll room has reached critical mass and it’s become necessary to get rid of some dolls and toys before adding any more.  😦  The first to go is a lot of Ginny dolls which is listed on ebay right now here.  Yep, starting bid is seriously $1, there’s no reserve and local pickup is free.

Appearing soon on ebay:

  • Adora Kayla shown on right here
  • MyTwinn 18″ – in blue dress here
  •  Madame Alexander 8″ Fancy Nancy (Posh Puppy)
  • Some 18″ Heidi Ott Faithful Friends dolls
  • Effanbee repro Patriciakins

I also have available for local pickup (shipping would be very expensive):

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  1. I love April and have enjoyed her journal. Thank you for all the patterns of the outfits for her. Hope she enjoys her travels and will come back soon

  2. I hope we see April again! She can be the girl of the decade! LOL! I love it when you make a series, and I’m looking forward to your other projects. Thank you for the suitcase pattern! It’ll be great to add to any doll sewn gift we might be offering this Christmas!

  3. Wow – April’s year has been full of surprises and wonderful patterns for all. Many thanks for your ongoing creativity and generosity! Happy Holidays!!

  4. I collect Playmobil too! I have two mansions with all their furniture. (two girls). I finally got rid of one of them to my youngest daughter because she has a daughter now. The older daughter had two boys. I also have that pirate island. Following the link I see you know about the database. Small world. I don’t suppose you belong to the Playmobil Collectors Club affiliated with Playmobil?

  5. Thank you for this pattern. I’ve never made a bag in the round so this will be fu.! Also, I understand what you mean by having tons of ideas and not enough time!!

  6. I’ve really liked your April posts, Jennie, and I can completely understand the overloaded back burners! I wondered if you’d seen the mini 6″ April at Target. Thank you for your lovely blogs and lovely patterns!!!

  7. Ah, we all start the year with that optimism . . . . Do hope we see April reappear from time to time; it was a fun idea.

    Love the suitcase, and using for gift wrap idea is great. Wish I could find time to fit one more project into this year’s list. But will get to it eventually. You’re so right about items that aren’t to scale.

    Oh, those dolls–must be hard to part with them. I’d pounce on the Playmobil sets if I were anywhere nearby. I was introduced to them when we lived in Germany and we had a good time with them. But the grandkids never got excited about them, and are now a bit past that age, so don’t know what I’d do with them, anyway.

  8. I am sad to hear you are discontinuing the April line of items. I looked forward to them. Thank you for the ones that you did do.

  9. I’ll miss April and her journal entries, but look forward to her likely return in the future. Love her suitcase – what a unique & fun pattern to look forward to sewing! Thanks, Jen, for all you share with us!

  10. Love the suitcase. I had something similar in Barbie size as a child (even though my mom was also not big on Barbie) and it was great because it really did fit the clothes. Definitely need to make this!

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