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Happy Thanksgiving!!

I am so thankful for all your support and encouragement!  The coupon code 20OFF20 is active in my shop from now through Monday to help you get a head start on your holiday sewing!


nancy intro

This is from an early Nancy Famosa catalog.  She’s a doll that was made in Spain starting in the late 1960s.  It says, “I’m Nancy.  I want to be the most elegant of all the dolls you have.  I present to you all the ensembles with which you can make me happy.  How happy I will be if you give me all of them!”

Wow.  Talk about presumptuous!  The parents should not just buy the child a doll but ALL her outfits too!

I don’t think anyone could argue that fashions of the 1950s and early-mid  1960s were anything but stylish.  Once you get to the late 1960s through the 1970s, it’s a whole different story.  Most of us don’t have to research any farther than our own family photo albums to find clothing from that time period that, in retrospect, we might label “hideous”, no matter how stylish it was at the time.

In the US at this time, Nancy’s counterparts would have been Crissy and her cousin Velvet, and when you compare the two, Nancy’s clothing really did look a lot more elegant.  I started doing a little research and realized the 1970s did have a certain style and it was THE era for handmade stuff and decorative clothing!  There was actually a toy series called “The Sunshine Family” and their accessories included a craft store with a spinning wheel and pottery wheel!  They had a truck they drove around to craft fairs with and all their sets came with little booklets for kids to make miniature crafts from household materials for the dolls to “sell”.  They get my vote for “BEST TOY EVER!” even though they were a little before my time and I never played with them.

OK, back on topic.  I recently got a reproduction Nancy Famosa called “Yo quise ser tenista”.

The 1970s were the first time pants were really considered appropriate women’s attire for any occasion, and Nancy had a profusion of them!

Elastic waist pants are great for doll garments intended for kids, but not so much for adult collectors.  Firstly because after many years the elastic eventually stretches out and your garment is ruined, and also because it can make for a bulkier waist, which limits what type of top you can pair with the pants.

Perfectly-fitted non-elastic pants can be just as difficult to draft for dolls as for people, and I’ve avoided it for my AGAT Clementine by telling myself it wasn’t appropriate for her era.  Someone requested wide-leg pants for her Sam a while back, but I wanted a nicely-fitted waist, so it’s taken a while!  Awesome news:  AGAT and Vintage-Repro-Nancy can share pants!

More awesome news: Two versions of well-fitting 1960s-70s pants are now available in one pattern here

The pattern includes two versions – one with slightly-flared legs and and one with super-wide legs that you might call “palazzo pants” or “elephant bells” depending on your age.

They make for a perfect repro of the 1970s “hippy” outfit for Nancy, who some of you might have guessed will be making some appearances on the blog.  The original pants appear to have had painted flowers, but I digitized them for machine embroidery.  The .pes file is free with purchase of the pants pattern – just put in “notes to seller” that you want it!

Here is a free pattern for her T and necklace

In case you’re wondering how big she is, here is a comparison photo:


L-R 1970s Sasha, Fisher Price My Friend, Nancy Famosa Reedicion, Kimberly, New Nancy Famosa, Crissy, New Kidz n Cats

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  1. You said: “I don’t think anyone could argue that fashions of the 1950s and early-mid 1960s were anything but stylish. Once you get to the late 1960s through the 1970s, it’s a whole different story.” You’re kidding, right?! As someone who was born in 1946, and grew up mostly in the 1950s and early 60s, I think our fashions back then were very stylish! Ladies wore proper “foundation garments” and they had feminine shapes, which were emphasized by the fashions of the day. There were any number of variations in dress styles, some with full skirts, some with straight skirts, a variety of neckline treatments and sleeve options. Sewing garments then was exciting and fun!!

    However, I wouldn’t give you two cents for those awful palazzo pants, or even bell bottoms–they were not flattering on Anyone!!

    I guess it all depends on when you were born and grew up, which fashion eras you prefer. As for me, I’ll take the 1950s any day!! You can keep the 1970s!! 😉

    • Please read the post again. “I don’t think anyone could argue that fashions of the 1950s and early-mid 1960s were anything but stylish” is another way of saying “everyone believes that fashion of the time was stylish”. “Once you get to the late 1960s through the 1970s, it’s a whole different story.” That part means many people think the late 1960s-through the 70s were the opposite of stylish. If you read this post again, you’ll see no negative judgments were made about your preferred era(s) and I’m sorry if you misunderstood.
      The point of this post was to say, “I used to think the 70s were hideous too, and then Nancy came along and she changed my mind because she had some really nice outfits!” I’ve worked really hard on her patterns, and hope you and everyone else will like them!

      • Oh, gosh, you are right….that’s what I get for answering posts in the wee hours of the morning!! My apologies!!

    • I know…they really need to appear on the blog, given that if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be the seamstress I am today and this blog would most likely not exist!

  2. Nancy is a lovely doll! I like her sweet face! Congrats on this new addition! And thank you for the patterns (although I have never been a fan of elephant bell pants!). The t-shirt will be a useful pattern for many. Will it fit the AGAT dolls just like the pants? Not that I own one (not yet!), but I have a few friends who do.

  3. What a lovely doll! Such a pretty face. I had a question for you: were do you find your Asian print fabrics. I just purchased a Ten Ping (totally your fault – just fell in love with your pictures of yours!) but I can’t seem to find appropriate fabrics. Thanks for your help and all the free patterns you share. It is so very generous.

  4. Nancy is such a sweet addition to your doll family, Jen! Hoping you have some precious family/relaxation time this holiday weekend. Thanks for not only the sweet t/necklace pattern, but the fitted pants Clem needs AND your 20% off coupon. Now that Melody & Samantha took up residence here (thanks to AG’s & Costco’s bundles & desperately wanting Pleasant Company’s Samantha when DD was small), I truly need to get some sewing done, so I’m off to your Etsy store! 😉

    • AAAHHH why don’t I have a costco membership? I just looked it up and you got a GREAT deal! Samantha was my first, way back in the 1980s and I love her, but she never appears on the blog because she’s an original white-body Pleasant Co. and can’t come out of her box. 😦 Maybe I’ll find someone to pick one up for me and some sewing projects will appear here…

  5. Always look forward to your wonderful blog. So fun to see the variety of dolls and great patterns. Something for everyone as they say.
    Just what I need, more fabric. Ha Ha. I’m going to take a look at equilter. Thanks

  6. what a sweet doll! I may have to put her on my wish list! Thanks so much for the post. Been racking my brain on something to get my friend for Christmas! Now I think I will make her the outfit instead for her A Girl for all time dolls!

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