April’s Halloween Dress



April should have appeared before Halloween, but everything got off a week because of Kenny’s “illness”.  Luckily this dress is good for any time of the year, with a sweater or jacket over it for cool weather.  April’s cardigan from January would probably be perfect, just not buttoning in front.  NOTE:  It was fitted on April, who’s a bit slimmer than some of my new AGs. It’s fine on Journey Girls and would be a bit loose on newer KnC bodies.  You can see in the pattern pix it fits the newer AGs, but the fit is quite slim – probably too slim for larger-bodied older AGs!

Download her Halloween dress here


Read her journal here

(yes, some months are missing but it explains the costume and ties in depression awareness month)


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  1. with winter coming soon April’s new dress will look great with a sweater and leggins as the weather gets cooler, Love her dress, thanks for sharing the pattern and her journal.

  2. It’s great to see April again! Her dress is wonderful! Thank you for this pattern, I’m sure a lot of people will love it! I read the journal. You’re doing a good job with this ongoing story, and I like to read April’s “adventures”, even when they are a bit sad like the last part. I hope a lot of young girls read it too!

    • Thanks you! I struggled with whether to make her mom depressed or not, but it tied in so well with the theme and kind of makes it more authentic to not have everything be happy 100% of the time.

  3. I enjoyed reading April’s journal again; glad she’s been able to do some journal writing! Her 1960’s dress is fabulous and my dolls are asking for their very own, but we have a special out-of-town visitor (our son) coming today, which means sewing will have to wait. 🙂

  4. Thank you for the fabulous patterns. Also my daughter loves to read the journal, very creative! Would it be possible to have it one column instead of two though? Sometimes it gets confusing to read online, especially when photos are added.

    • The columns were done to make it look more like a book and to save space – when the photos get added, it gets very long without the columns. It’s easiest to read on a computer rather than a tablet and you can play with the scaling of the page on the screen to make it all fit at once.

  5. Thanks so much fro your ongoing, outpouring of creativity and generosity. April’s journal is fun and creates a lovely picture of life in your neck of the woods. Enjoy the autumnal foliage…

  6. As always, I really enjoy and appreciate your patterns. I especially enjoyed the journal entries relating to depression. As “the common cold of mental illness” (NOT to minimize its effects but to acknowledge how common it really is) it’s nice to see it addressed. Thank you!!!

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