D.A.M. Week 3:  Laughter and sleep


An unintended but awesome consequence of last week’s post was perfectly in line with D.A.M. – laughter!  I had so much fun reading the comments on last week’s post and if you need a laugh, please check them out!  I especially loved the comment that they were made from leftover inmate fabric 🙂  Laughing has been found to actually reduce stress hormones, along with a lot of other health benefits.   With the internet you have no excuse for not finding something you think is funny, whether you’re streaming a comedy radio station, some stand up comedy on netflix or just checking out facebook to see the silly baby animal videos a friend posted.  Find something funny and laugh!

This week’s other focus is sleep.  Sleep disturbances are so prevalent in people with depression that they’re actually part of the diagnosis, with most people sleeping too little, but a small percentage sleeping too much.  In my mind, what’s frustrating with the sleeping too little part is the chicken/egg dilemma.  Are you depressed because you’re not getting enough sleep or not able to sleep because you’re depressed?  This study found  that people with insomnia are about 10 times more likely to develop depression than people without insomnia, and 17 times more likely to have anxiety!  Though I’ve left it out of the posts so far, MANY people who suffer from depression also have anxiety.

Since sleep problems can be a symptom of other things too, it’s a good idea to consult a physician to rule them out.  Aside from medication, you might be told to follow a sleep hygiene routine to help you fall asleep.  There are lists all over the internet with tips, and a nice, uncluttered, printable one is here:


It doesn’t mention that a really groovy retro flower quilt will almost always do the trick to make dolls fall asleep, but it will 😉  Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until next week to see it.


Disclaimer: I’m a doll blogger, not a mental health professional. Please seek professional help if you think you need it! There are lots of links here and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number is 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

“Hoooneeey…the sewing machine is making a funny noise…”  It was growling while I tried to wind a bobbin, and then said bobbin was put into the machine and the stitches would not lock properly.  Turns out there was a thread wrapped around the belt that drives the bobbin winder, and fixing that probably fixed the problem.  But my husband is not a halfway kind of guy, and took apart the ENTIRE machine to check it out, just because!

Wow!  Turns out my sewing machine was working on a felting project of its own:


What’s amazing is that usually during winter break, the craft room gets reorganized and DH takes apart the main sewing machine (Kenny) to clean and oil it, so it’s only been about 10 months since the last major cleaning!  What’s also amazing is that Kenny was able to function as well as it did with all that fluff in its moving parts!  My stupid Brother PE 770 embroidery machine completely breaks down and ruins your project with a horrid nest of thread if even a ½” scrap of thread breaks off anywhere inside it, and then it takes a few hours (I’m not exaggerating!) to unscrew and take the thing apart to find the little scrap and put it back together.  I can’t say enough good things about my Kenmore, which is made by Janome!  Not only does it do a great job with tension on a variety of fabric and thread types and tolerate all sorts of rough handling, it’s VERY easy to take apart to service, whether for just a cleaning or to replace a part.

Anyway, the machine was out of commission for much of the weekend, and then I had to work on DH’s Halloween costume when it was finally fixed, so the blanket should be here next week!  I suggest you use that time to watch/attend/listen to something funny and clean out YOUR sewing machine. 🙂

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  1. Your posts are always a pleasure to read! This picture of the inside of your sewing machine is impressive… it reminds us the importance of cleaning it regularly!

  2. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my machine after I sewed together a goat from your pattern some time ago. My machine looked like yours. Must have been the felting material I used. Still not completely done either. Must find and finish it. 🙂

  3. poor Kenny, I hope it ‘feels’ better now, I try to remember to clean the fuzz balls out after each really fuzzy /linty project, but my machine needs to see a pro ocasionally because the tools needed for a thorough cleaning are not easily available. I love your patterns and also really enjoy your blog. Thanks

  4. I always get a pretty good smile if not a nice laugh out of most of your posts. Thanks, for doing all you do. 🙂

  5. I read all the comments from your Jim Suit post, LOL definitely got a good chuckle out of them. How odd many of the ladies are in my same age group. I guess they are all grandmothers sewing for their grand children.

  6. WOW, someone’s been sewing a lot w/fluffy fabric! 😉 Glad DH could clean & get it running well again. I’d much rather sew than clean mine, no question. I’m doing fall house cleaning (UGH!) and really NOT in the mood to do it since it’s still in mid-90’s every afternoon, but w/winter friends arriving next week and family likely in January, I have no choice. Sewing will have to wait, sadly!

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