Wellie Wardrobe Week 4



Willa is ready for school – with her own touches!

She took the jumper from Week 1 and “Wellified” it with a warm, new felt coat on top, then accessorized with her ladybug boots and acorn bag.

Get the blazer pattern here

If you missed Week 1-2, they’re available now on etsy – week 3 and 4 which are free here will also download with them for your convenience.  Her bag is from the Wellie Dress up Box pattern

Some eye candy for you from the Wrenfeathers flickr page:

It’s a GREAT resource for getting ideas, sharing your ideas and seeing how things fit on different dolls!  Although I don’t always comment, I do look at everything and just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who posts there!  Sometimes when I’ve had a massive pattern failure, I visit that page so I can get inspired to pull the little garment out of the trash, fix the mistakes and keep creating for you!


Clementine as a vintage Girl Guide by gammerangel


Mosi showing how well she can share with the Wellies by Mermade

Wrenfeathers Wellie Fall Sewing

BarbNW is making me wish I had Kendall 🙂

Wren_4-Seasons16-wk2_Gathered Blouse

Karen made these for her Cheries and they look SO adorable!


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  1. This is a great piece to add to any wardrobe! I love it! It would look wonderful with a pleated skirt! You are so creative and talented! Thank you for this new pattern!

    I also really like those great pictures that were shared on your flickr! Such talent and cute dolls!

  2. Love the felt blazer, Jen — thanks so much! It will be perfect for Mosi on chilly days here when our AZ heat finally abates. She was thrilled to see her photo appear here today too and especially likes getting all the new pieces added to her wardrobe because of your awesome patterns ;<) We just won't tell her she'll have to share IF a Wellie Wisher moves into our house!

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