Wellie Wardrobe Week 3



This week’s leggings will be a permanent pattern here

They match well with the items from the previous two weeks as well as just about anything else!  Made in thin fabric they are a good substitute for tights to tuck into the “Wellies’ Wellies” 🙂 without excess fabric on the foot to make them fit too tightly.



7 responses

  1. Leggings are a must-have! It goes with dresses and top and tunics! Great basic garment! Thank you for the pattern!

  2. Perfect season for some leggings. Wonder if they might fit my “new” to me, AGFAT Amelia? She is 16″. Guess I had better look for some old tshirts.

  3. Thanks, Jen; will try to get my blouse finished/posted on Flickr and a pair or leggings made, but family health worries sap my inspiration. ;(