Wellie Ensemble part 1


So I made it through Melody’s second book and found out last week’s dress was actually for New Year’s/ BIRTHDAY, not Christmas.  I had a little rant here about her accessories and the inappropriateness of her bedtime book, and DH suggested I delete it…

I’m thrilled AG has given us a doll from this important era in American history and adore the doll herself.  Although she and Cecile have the same face mold, the changed eyes and hair make them look very different and I’m happy to have added her to my collection.  More projects will certainly be appearing for her on the blog!  There’s a new 1960s dress available now for her in 18” doll size.  It was previously the “Alpine” dress sized only for 14” dolls.  I’m pretty sure it would be a great fit on the Wellies too, but can’t find it to take a picture.  il_570xn-700856644_rysw

The green version of this dress was based on one from the Sears catalog from 1966. When I re-did it in the larger size, I decided to be creative and change to a print.  It was a little too busy with a pleated print front, so I switched to white instead.  I loved the old dress, but this new one might be even better!  With an unpleated bodice insert and narrower or pleated skirt, it could work as a 1930s dress too.


Get it here

This week we’ll also start a series of Wellie/H4H outfits to combine into a 4-season outfit, similar to Little Darling’s from two years ago. 

These patterns will be available free on the blog for one day only and when the series is over they will appear all together on etsy.  The first pattern is a jumper/sleeveless dress because…well, read about why in the pattern! 29334258636_b7cd25a3ef


Congrats to Joy, who found the original 1966 Sears dress and sent me a pic:



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  1. This peach dress is beautiful (I have a very similar piece of fabric in my sewing room…I guess I now know what to do with it!). I tried to find the picture of the Sears 1966 catalog you used for this dress, but I couldn’t. Yet, I’m curious to see the “real thing”! Would you have a link to the catalog page online?

    The WW dress is great, and I love the style! It’s a wonderful evertday dress and I can see it made with various prints and colors! Thank you so much for this pattern! I’m looking forward to the other outfits!

    • Unfortunately I don’t have a link to the “real thing”. It was a picture I saw in an old magazine years ago and the dress got copied into my sketchbook with an annotation “Sears catalog 1966”. I hunted for it recently online too and can’t find it 😦
      I’ll put this out to the blogosphere – if anyone CAN find the pic of the original dress I’ll send you the pattern free!

  2. Love the dress on Melody! Thank you so much for the WW pattern! I have been thinking about the dress since your last post and thinking I was going to try and make my own!

  3. I love your patterns and always look forward to your posts. I was excited to see a new free pattern but for some reason I cannot get it to download for me. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Do you have any suggestions for this admiring follower of yours? By the way, I am from SC and a proud grandmom of 10!

    • Sorry, I’m not sure…looks like it’s been successfully downloaded a bunch of times. If you don’t have a dropbox account, click the small print at the bottom that says “No thanks, continue to view”

  4. Found the dress! Sears 1966 Fall Catalog Pg 53
    But, I can’t cut/paste it here. Don’t know why.
    I’ll send it to you Jen

  5. LOVE the cute Wellies’ Jumper, Jen — thank you sooo much! Have a family member with health issues, so been hard to spend time in my craft room and concentrate on sewing, but maybe this simple jumper will get me going again?! Also LOVE the 1966 Sears catalog dress — so pretty! I had many dresses from the Sears catalog back in the day. . .which is probably why I love my dolls so much now.

  6. What kind of TRU coupon can one use for a Journey Girl from Toys R Us, and where would one find said coupon? (I actually want to use it for a Wellie Wisher)

  7. I love your puffy vest pattern but I have a few questions. What are channels and how and when do you put the lining in? Thanks so much.vi

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