Japanese dollhouse finished, new 1950s patterns, coupon code and poll!


Remember the Japanese dollhouse from last October?  If not, check these links:

I never added a kitchen because I a) ran out of wood and b) wasn’t really sure how to go about furnishing it.  So the other day I found a new rement set called “Country Life” that cried out, “Hey! Finish that kitchen and furnish it with me!”:


And then, along with that there’s another new-ish set, “Grandparents’ Home”:


[Images from re-ment website, click them to go to it]

If you’re into de-boxing pix, check the flickr album here.  While you’re on flickr, check the Wrenfeathers page where you can see a cute Wellie getting ready for bed by gammerangel:

And some really cute animal costumes made from this pattern by KB:

I know I said it was versatile, but I never would have come up with a skunk, which is why I LOVE when people post their ideas!

So, back to the original topic, I cajoled DH into cutting some wood and constructed a very simple, basic kitchen addition. (<– click that to download) to complete the Japanese dollhouse.

If you prefer sewing to woodworking, there’s a great new collection available on etsy now to fit Sasha and similar-sized dolls.

The other 1950s collection has dresses for AG size dolls.  This new one is specifically for the smaller girls and has 6 outfits with very versatile combine-able separates

As always, when I introduce a large collection, a coupon code appears!

 Use the code 20OFF20 to get 20% off any order of $20 or more until midnight on Sunday.

What happened to April?

Um…I’m thinking she went to summer camp and forgot to bring her journal? 🙂  Actually, she disappeared for the summer after you voted for the SSA to focus on Paola Reina and then the Wellies came out and I got carried away by their cuteness.  With the summer now over (for me anyway) I’m feeling very sad and guilty, because I had all sorts of travel plans and was going to take pictures of her at various interesting places here in CO. She’s actually been sitting in the same chair in the same outfit ALL summer long – although at least she missed my rattlesnake encounter at Garden of the Gods!  So anyway, I can bring April back and start making patterns for her again, or if you’d rather, I can focus more on the Wellie Wishers/H4H sizes in anticipation of their re-release in a few months.  This poll will close next Tuesday:




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  1. You Japanese doll house is beautiful! Congrats! You did a wonderful job with it!
    Your new 1950’s pattern for Sasha are fabulous! They look so true-to-era! Are they considered “16” slim doll” so we can print them at 77% and use them for the 14″?
    And last. I voted for the WW because I am so much into the 14″ dolls right now, but honestly, I’d love to see a little of both. I like reading April’s journal, so I hope we’ll hear more about her! But I’d also like to see more for the WW size!

  2. I don’t think you need to feel sad or guilty–April will happily wait–and you’ve created some wonderful things! The kitchen is lovely, and so is your new collection!!!

  3. So many goodies this week!
    Hate to see April forgotten, but know those smaller dolls are very popular . . . . If April comes back, maybe she can work in that camping trip during a fall break–if it’s not too cold there by then. )

  4. Love the finished Japanese house. Mine is getting there. Has taken time to acquire the pieces needed. Recently, there was a Barbie sushi with chop sticks. At Walmart. Perfect size. Love that little lotus water garden in front of yours. I’m thinking of getting granddaughter the little 6 inchers at Target. They are so cute.
    Will you be making anything for the Little Darlings? I’m expecting one in October.

  5. What a fun post – thank you! I’m so pleased to see the Japanese dollhouse finished, it looks great! I had a hard time deciding between bringing back April or continuing Wellies patterns. I loved reading April’s journal – you did a wonderful job bringing her to life! On the other hand, my Minouche needs more clothes, and Wellies/H4H patterns could do the trick. I guess I’ll be happy either way! 🙂

  6. Your Japanese dollhouse & that new kitchen are amazing!!! ;~) Checking the voting results, guess I need to consider purchasing a Wellie Wishers doll – LOL. Honestly didn’t pay any attention to them when I visited AGP, so will have to check them out once I go again, but it may be awhile — sigh. My last 2 visits wiped out my doll/pattern funds, sadly!

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