More cute Wellie stuff!



A HUGE thank you to everyone that shared their pix, and if you don’t have a Wellie, you can now get the pattern for the jammies here.  Yes, they fit H4H; the top is a wee bit baggy although for PJs that shouldn’t matter much!  The top would make a nice blouse too; the collar gives it a sweet, vintage feel in my opinion.  How about a feedsack print with a white collar?

Speaking of H4H and things they can share, the princess collection for them is ready so you can keep adding to their dress up box: 

And the beautifully fitted “Versatility” pants/capris/shorts with working (or not) pockets that have been available for AG and Maru are now in Wellie/H4H size:


In case you’re wondering…no, these dolls are not exactly the same size.  But when you overlap the closures in back to accommodate the slightly (1/2″) thinner torso of the H4H, they can share many patterns.  I’m thinking I may do more for them, especially because  Joanne commented and linked to FB saying the H4H are coming back! Supposedly in time for the 2016 holiday season – hooray!

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  1. The Wellies are cute and wholesome. I’m glad AG came out with them. But the Heart 4 Hearts are lovely. Big difference. I hope they become widely available again.

    • I’m also hoping they fix the eye issue with the new ones. In my not-very-scientific testing, it seems to be sunlight that turns their eyes purple. The ones that stay in their boxes maintain their eye color.

  2. The princess dresses are lovely! What a wonderful set! I’m glad H4H and WW dolls can share clothes (it’s even easier with knitted outfits, as they can stretch a little to accomodate the slightly larger dolls!). Willa looks good in everything!

    I also read earlier that the H4H were supposed to make a come back… I truly hope it is true as I love those dolls! We have the whole collection, but I wish more little girls would have the chance to play with those marvelous dolls!

  3. I made the capri jeans for the wellie wisher doll and they turned out good are you going to put the pattern on line again. Someone has asked me for the pattern link in my group

  4. Those pj’s are SO CUTE!!! Where did you find that print? Just adorable, right scale, impeccably made, perfect!! I also LOVE the Anna costume and jean shorts.
    Also, as I don’t (yet) have a Wellie Wisher, I was wondering if you could take a picture of yours next to a Tonner Betsy McCall (I THINK I read somewhere that you own one of those) for size comparison? As I DO have one of those. Thank you so much!!!

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