Summer sew along week 5


***Important Etsy note:  Etsy’s been having issues since July 1 with processing payments if they’re not done through paypal. Their policy is not to make the files available to the buyer until the seller has received payment. People using credit cards and apple pay have not been able to download their patterns immediately.  I apologize on their behalf and as an etsy seller who prides myself on good customer service am VERY upset about it.  If you’re having trouble downloading a pattern you purchased from me on Etsy during this time please contact me!***  I would suggest you pay through paypal if you’re using etsy, or I can always send you an invoice if you’d prefer.

Oh wow!  It’s the end of the sew-along already?  Well, I saved the best for last!

This gorgeous wrap dress has an Asian feel in these fabrics with a wide obi-style belt, but also looks adorable in any colorful cotton print!  Why is it the “best” dress of the sew-along?  The entire thing can be outlined in PIPING!  My favorite trim of all time!  If you’re intimidated by piping, this dress is a PERFECT choice for you to practice your skills because of the long, relatively straight seams AND the fact that you don’t need to line it afterwards.  If you’re a really new sewer, you can use bias tape instead of piping.  I’m almost finished with a tropical-looking one for my AG and this pattern should be available in all the major sizes in a week or two.

Download it free in Paola Reina size here for this week only!

Please post your creations in the Wrenfeathers group here:  I’m hoping to  find time to really look at what everyone’s done and do a retrospective next week!

In other news, I’ve been seriously playing dress up with my Wellie Wisher to see what I’ve already made that fits her.  There are a lot, and here are a few that are especially cute – note that these are all previous patterns you may already have!

And then, of course I had to do some NEW things too!

Ballerina dress, Owl cape and treasure pouch

Storybook character dress (this is a variation of the puff-sleeve blouse pattern) with apron and corset

See the intro to the Wellie Wishers Dress up Box here

I was SO hopeful the H4H fairy patterns would fit them, but the bodices are a bit too tight.  You can, however, use the skirts, wings, jacket, etc. from the H4H fairy pattern with the bodices from the WW dress up box pattern.  

What about princess dresses?

  I drew out about a dozen princess dress ideas, intending to include one in this collection and then couldn’t decide which one to make.  Renfaire?  Disney?  Historical?  Ethnic?  So I gave up and decided the collection would be fine without one.  Then I had a dream (yes, I’m such a dork) that Willa was hunting all through her dress-up box and turned to me with a heartbroken little face and said, “There’s no princess dress?”  So one or more of my sketches WILL become a princess dress pattern in the near future because I can’t bear to see her looking so sad.  🙂

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  1. Thank you again for sending me the jean pattern yesterday. I thought I’d send you a picture of the complete pants along with your aline top that I made this morning. Thanks again. Kathy

  2. Love the dress pattern. Thank you for sharing. I think my 10er Gracie would really like this dress. But then so would the others. Decisions decisions.

  3. The wrap dress is perfectly adorable–many thanks!!

    Hate to ask with all the computer madness you’ve been through lately, but have the Wellies been added to any size comparison chart yet?


  4. Jenny, this wrap dress is beautiful and looks so perfect on Liu! I want to make it for Tipi! 🙂 You are right, it’s a great way to give a try to piping!

    And what about this dress up box you are working on for Willa… How perfect! You are right on spot with the themes! My daughter loved to dress up from age 2 to about 7 or 8. The princess and other costumes that filled her dress up box have been the most played with “toy” at our home! She has now passed them on to a super darling liitle girl who is enjoying them just as much as she did!
    Willa has wonderful outfits, and I love the ballerina-owl cape-wellies combo!

  5. Gorgeous ideas , Jen . I’ve just bought the Dress up box pattern – can’t wait to get started . I love the wrap dress as well . Don’t know which item to start first . I’ll have to look in my stash and maybe cut out something tonight if I have a suitable fabric .

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