Elation…and its opposite!


I started this post around 9:30 this morning to share my jumping-up-and-down-clapping-happiness.  Now it’s noon, and more like sharing frustration/despair/resignation.

For those of you who’ve been following the “saga” of the new computer, I found the install disks for my photo program and scanning software and they work!  Best of all, I found my adobe acrobat code!  🙂 YAY! That means I can once again (in theory) make you wonderful .pdfs!  Apparently it’s a good idea to register your software, because we did that when we originally bought it and were then able to access our code on the adobe website!  Hooray!

Or not hooray.  Because prior to the installation of adobe, images (e.g. pattern pieces) all pasted just fine from my graphics program into word and now all of a sudden they paste as a blurry mess with incorrect fonts.  (Yes, I did uninstall the Acrobat/Word add-on and restart with no luck)  After wasting more time than I want to remember searching various forums for help and trying different approaches, I think I’ve got a solution that works, although what used to be a quick copy/paste process has now become a labor-intensive annoyance of saving each image separately as a .png, remembering to set the appropriate resolution for each one of course, then hunting it down and importing into word.

Long story short, I’m bringing you

this pattern for today only

because I need feedback!  The link [is now gone] because these pants are going to be turned into the same Versatility Pants pattern that’s already available for Maru and AG but I haven’t gotten around to the pocket thing yet.  Download/open and print the way you would normally do with my patterns (with no scaling) and if anything looks funny would you please let me know?  The page with pattern pieces does look a little blurry with random white lines through it on my screen, but prints out crisply, clearly and perfectly sized. DH said it looks fine on his computer’s screen, so maybe this is just unique to my wonderful new computer…

Thank you and happy sewing! 🙂

Fingers crossed this week’s LAST summer sew-along dress will be appearing on Thursday with maybe a new Wellie Wisher pattern also!

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  1. Looks fine and prints perfectly on my computer! Karin

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  2. Though the lines look a bit wavy/slightly wonky on my screen @ 100%, it still printed just perfectly and looks absolutely fine, Jen! YAY!!! Thanks, again, for this needed pattern — assuming I one day win or purchase a Wellie! ;~) Best wishes that your new computer soon cooperates with your old software and you will one day actually like said new computer — been there/done that.

  3. Mine printed just fine except for the problem of low ink! Always something.
    Cute pattern and perfect for camp.

  4. So sorry about the computer dilemmas!!! The pattern seems perfect—I’ll attach my pdf of it and maybe it will show up okay on your computer even. Everything is crisp and clear and looks good! Thank you so much for pattern!

    Thanks again, Jennifer

  5. Hi, I just printed the Wellie Wishers pants pattern and it looks fine! Thanks for the pattern and the hard work & time you put into getting it done correctly.

  6. Printed out crisp and clean and perfectly sized. Looking forward to making these. Thanks a lot

  7. It looks fine on my screen — no random white lines on the pattern page. But I have to go put ink into the printer before I can test.

  8. Everything in the PDF is showing up perfectly on my screen.

    Does your version of Word have a Save As PDF option? I used to use that when planning with a friend and it let her see everything exactly as I did since she didn’t have Word.

  9. Looks great on my iPad!
    Cute pattern. I really like how you design curved waistbands.

    Sent from my iPad

  10. I don’t own a wellie wisher yet but I do have Tonner’s Betsy McCalls and h4h girls so I will try the pattern for them, it downloaded and printed just as usual so even though the new computer is making you sad it seems that you are getting it to do what you want. thanks Sue

  11. Not sure if it’s just my computer monitor or not, but the inch measure is showing up with the bottom line longer than an inch (and longer than the side line). I have a widescreen monitor, so that could be distorting it, but I don’t recall it happening with your other patterns. Sorry I can’t test to print it, but I just ran out of ink. Hope this doesn’t add to the frustration. If others say that everything is fine, then just go with that. J


  12. I downloaded this and it appears to be just fine. The inch block is exactly one inch and there is no noticeable blurriness.

    • Did you print w/ no scaling? It seemed to work well for everyone else that commented. If the inch box isn’t an inch, the pattern pieces will not be correct either.

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