Summer sew-along week 3


There were some really nice sandals posted on the flickr group; here are a few to inspire you:


Brenda made these with a vinyl table pad and used little loops as a closure


Maribell used two colors of foam and hair elastics at the ankle


Dianna made a gorgeous metallic version

And for our pattern this week:


I’m really excited to see your creative interpretations of this week’s dress!  It can be a cute, casual dress made in cotton or something dressy like I show here on Maru Tanya or it would make a great fairy costume with a little collar of leaves or…


Really important:  The free pattern includes a Paola Reina size only and this link expires Saturday at midnight, so DOWNLOAD IT NOW.

If you missed it, or want other sizes, it’s available on etsy here

The multi-size version on etsy includes patterns for:

12-13″ Paola Reina, les Cheries, Little Darling
14″ Hearts for Hearts, Betsy McCall
Slim 16″-18″ like Kidz n Cats, Sasha, Girl for all Time
18″ American Girls
20″ Maru and Friends

Post a photo of your creation and check out everyone else’s pix here:

Several pix that are SO CUTE either don’t have settings that permit sharing them or possibly there’s just a problem with flickr…  I need to be able to paste a BB code into this editor for them to show up, so if your settings don’t allow that, I can’t share your photo here.

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  1. This is such a lovely dress! I think it is perfect for the little ones! I haven’t had time to start the SSA because of end of school year matters, but I really want to sew outfits from your patterns! This will be an adorable wardrobe! I love the sandais ideas you showed… very creative!

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