Summer sew along 2016!


Yay!  It’s summer sew-along day!

The first SSA started with me deciding a mix-match vacation wardrobe would be a fun project, and I encouraged people to sew it along with me, with the goal at the end being a bunch of pieces that worked well together.  It was SUPER popular, and the following two years I did the same type of thing (mix-match) but you HAD to post a pic to get the next pattern for free.  A lot of people liked that, because it’s fun to share your accomplishments and it keeps you on track to complete all the pieces, but some people who weren’t as comfortable with technology found it difficult.

This year for the first time it won’t be a mix-match, but thanks to your votes it will be a series of sundresses and sandals (alternating weeks) for the whole month of June, and focus on Paola Reina’s Las Amigas.  The first dress pattern and sandals will be up permanently free on the blog, the other two dresses will be available in PR size free for a short time only and then available on etsy in all sizes.

Who will these fit?

They’re designed for Paola Reina’s “Las Amigas”.  It’s a company I like because the dolls are made in Europe, and if you watch their video on youtube, it shows their factory roof is covered in solar panels.  Makes me feel less guilty buying things that are a little more environmentally friendly rather than made in China!  If you live in the US, you can sometimes find them for a reasonable price on ebay or  amazon.   Another not-too-expensive option, (around $40) and readily available in the US is Corolle Cheries.  Some other options include Bleuette (will need length modifications) and Little Darlings.

Does this pic look familiar?


Yes, I actually made the dress last year and featured it under the hoodie, which was the final project of last year’s SSA.  Both the hoodie and the leggings from last year, and maybe even the long-sleeve T can pair nicely with sundresses, so if you have those patterns handy, think about how you could combine them to make a multi-season ensemble.  If you didn’t participate last year, all the patterns are available here

Get this week’s pattern free here

One of the things that makes the summer sew-along so much fun is that the patterns are simple. Depending how much time/sewing experience you have, your dress can be as easy or as elaborately decorated as you’d like.  It’s a lot of fun to share what you’ve done, as well as get inspiration from others, and you can do that on the Flickr group!

Post photos of your creations and see what others have done here!


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  1. I’m glad the summer sew along is held again this year and I truly hope I’ll find the time to participate! Last year I couldn’t, but two years ago, I did it and really loved it! I plan on sending those outfits to the Stitchin’ for Kids charity (they need outfits for Les Chéries because they are donating a doll and a full wardrobe to little ones at the hospital), along with the pieces I have knitted!

  2. hi, jen..  I made mine already..can’t figure out hhow to get it in  here it is.. put it on my little darling cuz she was necked  hugs and thank you  gonna go make one fer sasha now..sincerely  Carla Holland  yelm Washington state

  3. I am tickled to have this pattern and join in the summer sewing. I have Carol and think she’s a great doll. Fortunate to have bought a Little Darling from a fellow doll-a-holic before the prices went crazy and timeline to get one went to 18-28 months, so I’ll do the pattern for both. THANK YOU for the yet-to-come sandals!!! I only have the red shoes Carol came with so more shoes will be extra great. “Sew” glad I found your blog/site!

  4. Love the dress. I’ve already tried to shrink it to my 10er size and my 8 inch little ones. Thank you so much for sharing. Now to get motivated.

  5. So happy to see that you are doing a summer sew along for 2016. It was so fun to participate last year. I don’t usually get a lot of sewing time but was able to make the new dress pattern yesterday. I decided to make the AG sized one since I had a piece of cute flowered fabric that I wanted to use up. I noted on the pattern that you said the size was untested and that was fine by me. So I’m just writing to let you know that the AG size wasn’t big enough to meet around the middle of my AG #4 doll who was my model yesterday. I added a band of fabric for velcro and then took a photo of the dress on Ivy (who was purchased more recently) and discovered that Ivy is not quite as chunky. It’s always fun to sew for the dolls since they don’t complain!

    Here’s the photos that I posted on your flickr page today.

    Thank you so much for sending this pattern out yesterday. I really enjoyed sewing it and will be sure to make another dress soon.



  6. Thank you so much. I have just ordered a Las Amigas doll for my youngest granddaughter and the patterns fit the little Disney toddler dolls, so I am all set!

  7. I forgot how to post pics on Flicker. is it there? one pic of my Corolle in the beach dress..

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  8. Do you know which of the dolls you mention, if any, are the size of the 1950’s Toni doll? I have my childhood one, but she is lacking clothes and shoes.

  9. I’m finally getting a chance to leave a comment, Jen — been a very busy sewing spring/early summer round here. My friend’s GD is coming soon to see my dolls and thing’s I’ve sewn/crafted, not knowing there’s a BIG surprise for her that includes the ‘Star Power Dress’ posted on Flickr. Sooo fun to have someone’s GD to sew for. This sweet little pattern will be sewn for my H4H Mosi who’s been terribly neglected & I know she’ll be thrilled w/new summer duds! Thank you, as always, for your lovely patterns and kind sharing! ;~)

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