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April snowstorms bring…May flower dresses!


Thank you everyone for your condolences about Jasper!

It was brought to my attention that not everyone may be able to complete both a dress and sandals in a week during the summer sew-along, so I’m probably going to break it up, but your dolls DO need some cute sundresses, because they are (possibly) the perfect layering piece!  At the bare minimum, it’s a cute dress on its own with sandals.  Depending on the season, you can add leggings/cardigan/blouse/jacket/boots/hat, etc.  Little Darling did a series with a “4-season” dress here:

Since April is an OG, I’ve been trying to do patterns at least inspired by OG outfits once a month for her, and this month’s is loosely based on: 

Instead of a ruffle, this one has a piped round yoke, which to me makes the dress look more elegant and higher-end.  I named this dress “May Flowers” since the daffodils are finally up and growing even though our April “showers” were more like April “dump-five-feet-of-snow-overnight” 🙂

It’s a slim fit on an OG with a flush closure in back, looks great on Journey Girls and will fit the newer KnC dolls more loosely if closed with an overlap in back.  It will likely work for Sasha copied at 80%, but make a muslin first to check.  Have an older/bigger AG?  See the end of the pattern here: for a tutorial on adding some width at the back with buttoned closures.

Get the pattern here

Please keep posting your fabulous creations on the Wrenfeather flickr page here:

Some recent cuteness for your inspiration:

A-line for mini AG by sewbig

Sasha as Maid Marion by Theresa


Knotted Hat


So…no post last week because we were digging a grave 😦

jdog obit2

We’ve lost pets before, but I’m really having a hard time getting over Jasper.  Of the 9 dogs we’ve had since we’ve been married, he was hands-down the politest, smartest, best dog ever.  Like many Aussies he seemed to have a sixth sense about understanding his people, and was always unobtrusively near us.  I think being so used to him always at my side  is what makes it the hardest, because I keep looking down, wondering where he is…and then remembering he’s gone.   Every time I was in the craft room, he would sit just outside the door and I had to step over him as I went in and out.  Today was the first day being back in there without him and although it was faster to run to and from the kitchen for some water to refill the iron, it was really lonely.

OK, ready to learn a new craft?  Even if you think you “can’t” knit or crochet, if you can handle a sewing needle, you can make this!  Depending where you live, you might argue with me that it’s too warm for a hat.  The lacy effect and cotton though are still perfect for spring – at least where I live!

Click here for instructions to make this needle-knotted hat

Other than Ashley, I don’t know of resources for whatever this craft is.  It’s not really netting or nalbinding or macrame or…?  If you know of some, please share as a comment!

Here’s a really cute and spring-y version of last week’s felt mini AG dress by gammerangel