The votes are in and…


Wow, the summer sew-along vote was very close!  The whole week long, I kept checking and it hovered around 50% for both options.  Eventually, near the end, someone must have mobilized some friends to vote for the smaller dolls and they ended up winning.  Then I realized…oops!  There were comments enabled!  I totally did not intend to do that as part of the survey, but ended up being glad I did and carefully reading all the opinions.  This blog actually started with me sharing patterns of things I was making for my Kidz n Cats since there was nothing out there for them at the time.  More and more AG size stuff got added due to requests, but thank you to those that reminded me there are already a TON of patterns out there for the 18” dolls, while our poor little ones get neglected.  

The summer sew-along will most likely be the whole month of June, and focus on Paola Reina’s Las Amigas.  I especially like the Paola Reinas because they’re made in Europe, and if you watch their video on youtube, it shows their factory roof is covered in solar panels.  Makes me feel less guilty buying things that might be a little more responsibly manufactured than some of the things made in China!  If you don’t have those, the patterns will also fit Bleuette, Corolle Cheries, Little Darlings, etc. and I’ll have some resizing instructions too!

At least the first dress pattern will also be sized for April, just to make sure you have something to sew for your “big girls” that month 😉

Speaking of April, her journal is only partially ready, but she got a sewing machine for her birthday.  The OG sewing set comes with a cute little pattern envelope and a simple A-line dress pattern sized for 18″ OGs.  The first thing she made was a very basic little…

Felt dress pattern for Sienna

If you’re wondering, yes, it will fit all the dolls shown below!

  I had every intention of turning this into a contest, since it’s hard to beat an A-line dress as a blank canvas.  Then I thought about having to pick a winner and come up with a prize and how many IEPs I have to finish before the end of the school year and…yeah.  If you’d like to be super creative with your dress and post it here: I’m sure everyone would LOVE to see it!

(I will not apologize, I will not apologize, I will not apologize)

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to not feel guilty if I don’t post something every week on the blog.  While I have skipped weeks here and there, I seem to not be able to not feel guilty.  😦  I had SO many ideas and plans at the beginning of the whole “April thing” and then I feel terrible when they stay stuck in my head instead of appearing here.  Then there’s the whole journal, which takes away from sewing time, and with the “return” of her friend Abril, who has a really awesome weaving-related story (also still stuck in my head) I’ve been weaving up a storm, including some huipil panels:

huipil and hat

and also learned to do this strange sort of stretchable needle-knotting that accidentally turned into a very cute hat for Ten Ping:


gigi hat

If only she had a sweater to match! Hmmm…

The tutorial for this fun little hat should be ready soon.  Don’t have a tiny doll?  Turn it upside down and add a strap – it’s a purse for a larger doll!  To prepare, you’ll need to make yourself a big wooden needle, and after some experiments and failures, it appears that gauge might be somewhat important.  My needle was from a 5mm dowel (that’s just under 1/4″) and roughly 3″ long.  The point should be only as sharp as a knitting needle and the hole you drill in it should accommodate worsted-weight yarn easily.  Sand and finish it satiny-smooth.

If someone in your house is obsessed with knots, you can get started now – this is ABK #3542/3544.  If that someone doesn’t have the ABK , either they’re not truly obsessed or I just told you what they want for their next birthday!  🙂



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  1. I also blog — mostly a journal for family and friends — but I so agree with you about writing time versus creative/sewing time. Sometimes something has to give. And I have to act according to the muse who is present at the time. That said, in December I take a flight of fancy and write an advent series which includes a doll.

  2. Sweet little felt dress pattern. Can’t wait to give it a try. Love your wooden needle. Will become an heirloom in the future I’m sure. I think I have an even older knot book than yours. Belonged to my father. I’ll take a look tomorrow. The little hat is adorable. Isn’t that Gigi? And good luck on your IEP’s. I can remember being so glad I didn’t have to do those. Report cards were more than enough. 🙂

  3. Jen, do not feel guilty – you have no reason to! You have a full life. How you manage to be sooooo generous with sharing your many skills and creations is beyond me. Thank you for all you give us.

    As to the latest voting, I am very glad the small doll won. I’m going to be away for two weeks in June so now my worry is how will I get each pattern made…..I guess the old fashioned way….hand stitching! Oh, and I just added doll fabric to my list of items to pack for my trip.

  4. Do not apologize ! You are so very kind and generous! I (and I’m sure many, many others) truly appreciate all you do!thanks a million!

  5. You are so creative, Jenny! I really like the piece you have woven! It is gorgeous! And this knotted work is intriguing! Can’t wait to see your summer sew along! I’m glad the smaller dolls have won! I know of many friends who will be thrilled!

  6. I would certainly say that one of the things I have always valued very much about this blog is that you share patterns for dolls that are not American Girl dolls. I feel like the 18 inch dolls get a lot of love out there on the internet and I really enjoy getting to sew for my smaller or odder shaped girls.

    On that note, any chance of some sizing for the Prettie Girls?

    • Oh yeah…the prettie girls are still on my list! I have a bodice and T for them but for some reason my fitted jeans just would not work. They might be pretty adaptable to these sundress patterns though, I’ll try!

  7. It has taken me a week to take a photo and weeks to actually getting around to making the dress. It’s the first thing I’ve made for the minis. I love your Sew-Alongs and newsletters. I posted on your Flickr board.

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