Salon style…at home!


While you could take your doll (yes, even your OG!) to the AG store and pay an exorbitant price for a fancy hairdo at the salon, it’s faster and cheaper to do it at home.  After a few requests and comments on April’s hair, here is a

crown braid tutorial

If you read her journal last week, you know both April and Abril are having a birthday this Friday, so look for a new birthday dress pattern, and maybe some other goodies next week!  If you’re wondering, April is hoping her dress will look kind of like this:

 and I’ve got the pattern ready but am still trying to find some lace that would be appropriate.  Keep your fingers crossed!

(above dress by AG is available here:


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  1. Thank you for the tutorial! It is very well explained! I should try it out on one of my dolls! I don’t play enough with their hair…

    Looking forward to your new pattern! It’ll be very pretty!

  2. Thank you so much for the tutorial on how to create such lovely braids for Dollie! As a mother of four grown sons I never learned to braid hair on a child. Now with granddaughters to adore, I want to be able to not only braid their pretty hair but their dolls hair too. I am looking forward to seeing April and April pretty new birthday dresses.

  3. Loved your story about E.! Kids can be so funny. Perhaps, you can write a book of them, in your spare time. Ha Ha.
    Love the braid tutorial although, even after having two girls I never mastered the French braid. Maybe I can practice on a doll now and not hear the moans.
    Very cute little dress you’re working on.

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