The kids are here!


Since April’s family raises goats, it seemed important that she have a few as photo props.  You’d think it would be an easy matter to just find/buy a pattern, but most stuffed goat patterns I could find had bodies more similar to horses.  This challenged me to make my first foray into the world of stuffed-animal design and come up with what I think is a fairly authentic looking one.

I wasn’t sure when to post this, since people breed their goats to kid at different times, but passing a cow pasture on the way to work a few days ago I noticed a new baby had been born!  It must have happened very recently, because the calf was still wobbling around on unsteady legs, so it seemed appropriate for April’s goats to start kidding (having their babies) this week too!

Although it’s intended to be a baby goat, you could also make it with fluffier fur to be a lamb and there’s still enough time to get it made for an Easter display or to tuck into a basket!  If you, like me, are not accustomed to making stuffed animals, you might be intimidated and feel it’s too difficult or time-consuming.  Just TRY IT!  I anticipated a long and difficult project and was happily surprised to see how quick it was to make and how cute it looks when posed with dolls.

Click here for the kid/lamb pattern


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  1. Adorable or what? I just looked at Pygora goat kids. So sweet. Thanks for the pattern. I’ll give it a try even though I still haven’t finished my Japanese house.

  2. so very cute, thank you, I have Josefina Montoya from the Pleasant Company and because I aquired her as a previousally loved doll I have been looking for accessories for her and sheep and lambs are easy to find, but not goats. thanks, now Josie can have a goat of her own.

  3. Jennie, it is adorable! I will use it so that my Felicity now has her posie! It will be perfect! Though I have to find the perfect fabric… Not an easy task! Thank you for the pattern and tutorial!

  4. Adorable! My children just showed me pictures yesterday of their friends new kids, perfect timing. You did a great job. And thanks for sharing the pattern!

  5. Jennie,

    Thanks so much for this pattern – it comes at the best time! I’m sewing a “Heidi” costume for my Shirley Temple doll. This will make a perfect accessory!

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