April’s Journal…continued


The next installment of April’s journal is ready, although not with everything I wanted to include because we were out of town for a while and now I’m catching up on things instead of doing new projects.


Her journal is here and there’s a (sort of) hidden project link to pierce your doll’s ears and make earring dangles!

I’m toying with the idea of hiding links to extra craft projects in the footnotes of her journal…want to help decide?



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  1. Loved reading April’s Journal. I completely sympathise with her when she got her ears pierced, I was told the same and when I had got one done I took some convincing that I should have the second one LOL!

  2. Well, you can add hair styling to your repertoire. The girls look fabulous. Tell April that her journal entries are very interesting. I remember once burying all kinds of interesting things in the school sandbox. The kids were so excited to go on a dig.

  3. I discovered that with my computer I had to download the journal, then click on the link to the earrings and tell my computer that the link was ‘allowed’ to go on line to the link. hope this helps the ones who were having troubles.

  4. I can’t seem to print the instructions for the earrings. Everything seems to go to Dropbox?? Viv

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