Valentine Tea Dress


Who’s the bendiest of them all?  Surprise – it’s Barbie!

Around Christmas I was in Toys R Us and an overwhelmed grandma asked me if I knew anything about dolls.  Um…yeah, a bit 🙂  I tried pointing her to the fabulous Journey Girls, but her GD apparently was into Barbie, which I’m not.  I strolled down the Barbie aisle with her though and found a new one called “Made to Move”.  The price was right (about $15) and I bought one for research purposes, thinking there was no way it was as good as Obitsu.

I finally got around to doing a pose comparison this week, and I was shocked!  When compared to my bendiest dolls in that size range, Barbie is able to do more realistic yoga poses:

L-R – Ruby Red Senson, J-doll, Azone picconeemo, Momoko, obitsu 23cm with little Pullip head, MTM Barbie

Can sit in an actual lotus position

And can bend her knees nicely to sit in the Japanese pose called seiza

Yes, the Obitsu can do pretty much all these things too, but her body is floppy and arms are too short to do realistic arm-over-the-head poses.  There are a few more pix here  if you’re interested.


So, when I was asking for suggestions about April and which OG outfits you liked, Brandy asked for this as a Valentine’s dress:

I decided April and her mom and their friends have a Valentine’s tea and dress up for it.  More to come about it in her journal, but for now, here’s the


I’m digitizing results of the Valentine heart contest from last week and basing the winner on which design looks best when embroidered.  It’s taking a while so I will post the winner next week.

The computer-generated images were fine, but please be aware that if you scanned your drawing as grayscale (L) instead of black and white, it shows up like the pic on the right when I convert it to B&W and it can’t be used.

heart1 heart2

Also, if you did scan as B&W but drew with pencil, sometimes it got grainy when it scanned and can’t be used without a ton of editing or re-drawing.

If you’d like to re-scan and re-send your drawings in the next day or two, you can.  Thanks to everyone who entered!

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  1. I love your comparison pictures! And your doll collection is so impressive! I am amazed at the variety. How many of each style do you have (do you usually stop at just one or do you prefer pair or trios?)?

    Thank you so much for the dress pattern! I love how you chose to make it with the lacey bodice (will have to go shopping for such lace!). I also really enjoyed reading about the process! You are a gem!

  2. Jennie – The Valentine Tea Dress is very pretty, and love the instructions. Also, thank you for sharing how you edit(ed) the bodice and any information on using tulle. Love the bodice with the lace over and your choices of lining.Jane

  3. Thank you for the free download for this pretty Valentine’s Day dress, I just love the design of the bodice. I have several dolls in need of dresses suitable for Valentine’s day. I have been purchasing 18″ play dolls from local thrift stores, most of which are quite naked when I find them. I bring them home and clean them up, wash and style their hair, and make outfits for them. When our granddaughters visit or when we visit them I like to have several dolls and outfits ready for them to play with. I will use your pattern with some fabric that I found at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago along with the tulle left over from my Christmas projects plus a bit of this and a bit of that to dress up the couple of the wee ones for next week.

  4. Can’t wait to hear about the Valentine tea. Sounds so fun. The dress pattern is wonderful. Loved seeing how it evolved. The bendie girls, interesting, as I’ve been looking at a senson. And, I am the new depository of a Hearts for Hearts Shola!! So excited to get her. She is really cute. And wants a new outfit right away.

  5. Thank you for the comparison notes on pose-able dolls. I am smitten with the new Made to Move Barbie body and its possibilities!

  6. The lace dress looks yummy! You were right about the OG accessories. My Sasha is now using an OG suitcase [with toothbrush and toothpaste and dental floss and and and…] another Sasha is using the scissors from the dog care set to do some sewing with. I don’t know where they are going but I hope they take me with them.

  7. I love this dress! I have made six of them so far! The construction technique make it so much easier to use difficult fabrics. Thank you so much.

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