April’s journal and the rest of last week’s outfit…


I had planned to post Aprils’s journal once a month, but thought the first installment might help you learn more about her and enjoy the series more.  You’ll meet her new friend Julika (who was Santa’s gift to me)

And April’s own “new” doll, Sienna (who I bought a long time ago and was never able to work into a blog post)

 See April’s journal so far here

(note: this is a dropbox link, and will work now but may change when I update her journal)

If it looks grainy, click the “open” button and scroll to “open in adobe reader”

The cardigan to go with last week’s blouse is also ready:

Get the cardigan and socks pattern here

And if you’re a Star Wars fan, you might appreciate this:

Cassie resized and adapted some of the Little Darling in Japan patterns as Star Wars cosplay outfits to fit AGs and has generously shared them on her blog here

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  1. I really enjoyed the first installment! Congratulations on receiving Julika!! I have high hopes that she will be coming to live with me soon!

  2. Thank you Jennie! It is a lovely cardigan and it will make a great outfit! I saved April’s journal on my computer and will read it when I have a moment. It will be great to get to know her!

    I saw yesterday the Star Wars costumes that were inspired by your Japanese outfit, and I think they are so cool! And they show just how versatile your patterns are! They are a great base for many things!

  3. Fantastic job on the journal! I love that you’ve illustrated it with photos! Thank you too for the patterns 🙂

  4. Thank you for the cardigan pattern! Perfect. It really looks so nice with the blouse.
    April’s new friend Julika is sweet. I’m sure they will have a bond with both having red hair.
    Here’s another thought for April’s journal. My father in law was born in Salida. Perhaps, April can go there on an adventure. She could climb Tenderfoot Mt, walk the streets of old town Salida, kayak or fish the Arkansas River. For winter she could ski at Monarch. Nearby she might take a ride on the Rio Grande railroad. It is such a beautiful area with lots of things to do.

  5. I just want to say thank you so much! We lost our jobs and are on an extremely tight budget and your patterns help me to sew and sell a few things to ease our way a little. And, everything you do is so adorable!
    God Bless,

  6. I’ve been a lurker for awhile (via Feedly, although I did participate in your poll/questionnaire awhile back) and I’m finding it funny April’s journal prompts me to finally hop over to actually comment!

    I especially relate to the decluttering/organizing vibe in my own life of late and that I recently stumbled on a new–loosely local–gem in purging some of my own stash: ArtParts Boulder … I live more northerly so it’s not exactly the most convenient location for spur of the moment supply runs personally-speaking, but I did take in a bag to donate over the holiday break and then had a lot of fun browsing and shopping… and I just had the thought you would probably have fun there as well, if you ever find yourself going to/through Boulder.

    And, since I’m here, I would also like say how much I sincerely appreciate all the time and effort you put into your work here! 🙂

  7. How fun. I enjoyed April’s journal and the photos in it. Your other new doll is lovely and I like her story too. Last year we got a 7th grader who spoke nearly no English and understood only a very little. She is from Mexico, but Spanish is her second language. As the Spanish teacher, I was her lifeline at school. She is the only reason I feel bad about retiring.

  8. Really enjoyed April’s journal; how fun!!! Think IF you get tired of pattern-making, you’ll have a new career as an author! Got my pleat-collar blouse and a gathered-pocket skirt made, so working on my sweater now. Will post on Flickr soon as all finished! ;~)

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