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Valentine Heart Contest!



You may have noticed that the OG boxes all have decorative hearts on them, and their logo is also a heart.  They also have a wall of hearts on their website where you can design one and post it.  I was doodling ideas for a heart motif to put on a t-shirt for April and had a fun idea…maybe YOU would like to design a heart?

Enter the Valentine heart contest by submitting your original heart artwork by Feb 1.  and you could win a doll T-shirt with your artwork embroidered on it!  Winner will be chosen by me and get an 18”  doll t-shirt with their design machine embroidered on the front. The winning design will also be shared here as a machine embroidery file for everyone to use.

Rules and how to enter are here





April’s journal and the rest of last week’s outfit…


I had planned to post Aprils’s journal once a month, but thought the first installment might help you learn more about her and enjoy the series more.  You’ll meet her new friend Julika (who was Santa’s gift to me)

And April’s own “new” doll, Sienna (who I bought a long time ago and was never able to work into a blog post)

 See April’s journal so far here

(note: this is a dropbox link, and will work now but may change when I update her journal)

If it looks grainy, click the “open” button and scroll to “open in adobe reader”

The cardigan to go with last week’s blouse is also ready:

Get the cardigan and socks pattern here

And if you’re a Star Wars fan, you might appreciate this:

Cassie resized and adapted some of the Little Darling in Japan patterns as Star Wars cosplay outfits to fit AGs and has generously shared them on her blog here

Pleat collar blouse


If you can’t find this outfit to buy:


You could start making it instead!  This week, we have the first installment of it:


It was supposed to be the whole outfit with pix of my April in it, but unfortunately I got sick and then busy with the return to work, so let’s hope I finish it all next weekend!

I incorporated some of your suggestions to develop a personality for April and am pretty excited at all the fun things that may be in store!  In brief, she lives on a ranch in Colorado, raises fiber goats and does some associated fiber crafts with their fleece, like knitting.  She might have a garden when the time comes and wants to grow up to be an archaeologist.   Also by request, she’ll have her own (mini) OG and will occasionally post things she sews for it.

I’m trying to have her “write” a journal fairly regularly and planning to take her various places a normal kid might go, so maybe not Brazil or Paris…more like a museum or park in Colorado, and then take pix of her there and let her write about it.  It will probably appear at the end of each month.