Chatty’s smock dress


I was on the Wrenfeathers Flickr group and found some cute holiday pix to share:

This one is shrunken versions of last week’s pattern on Ann Estelle and Linda McCall by Rosetownjoy:

Christmas sisters

And this gorgeous photo of Sam is from Mary D.  dressed in a pleated dress from the 1960s collection.  Not many dolls could pull off fabric with such a bright, bold pattern, but her neutral coloring and orange tights set it off perfectly!

Sam’s been on my to-buy list for a while, but I got really bummed that Girl For All Time had a bunch of holiday promotions and didn’t include her, so I guess I’ll have to wait a bit.  Speaking of doll purchases, if you’re a US customer who was getting your Maplelea “fix” from amazon, you may have noticed there’s very little left in stock.  I actually emailed Maplelea about that and they said they were having such strong sales in Canada, they had to hold stock back from amazon’s US site.  They do plan on restocking though!

This week’s Chatty pattern is her smock dress, shown in the center of the pic below:


Get it here

Next week will the last week of the CC series 😦 but two more dresses (Sunday Visit and Nursery School) will be available on etsy.  In the meantime, preview originals of those dresses here and here.


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  1. When I read the title I thought “too difficult for me” but since I saw the pattern I’ve felt excited. A lovely dress and nothing difficult. Your post is a treat.

  2. I bought some beautiful black corduroy w/Scottie dogs embroidered on it and this is the dress I saw in my mind’s eye when I saw the fabric. I had to put together pieces from other patterns and use my ‘noodle’ but it turned out beautiful. Could have used this pattern then. Thank you.

  3. It is a lovely dress! It’s great that you were able to find an original pattern (though not complete) and tweak it for our benefit! 🙂 Thank you! Is Chatty Kathy wearing this plaid dress for Christmas?

  4. Such sweet eyelet Christmas outfits using your patterns and adorable dress on Sam from Flickr. I too totally NEED Sam — some day?!!! Thanks, again, Jen for this darling pattern. Can’t believe your original pattern purchase was missing pieces! 😦

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