Sweet Dreams, Chatty!


When my sister was little, she had a creepy and hideous doll called “Baby Talk”.  (See it here)  It was battery operated and talked in response to your voice or just randomly when you moved her.  That awful doll would sometimes talk during the night, which woke us up, and I was thinking in that respect how much better Chatty Cathy was, since you had to pull a string to make her talk!

This week’s pattern is based on her original PJs, which were covered in rickrack.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find rickrack and pink flowered flannel that both matched, so I had to do without the trim.


I’m having a little too much fun with the 1960s filter on one of my photo editing programs!  🙂

23348138252_e7e306ee37_zAnd, of course, it looks great on modern dolls too!

Get the pattern here

And remember you can post pix of what you’ve made either for your childhood Chatty or your AG here


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  1. Mine had two of the talking (I don’t remember their name…fuzzy don’t put water on them movie) Anyway, they used to talk to each other in the night… Drove me crazy. I finally had to take the batteries out of them. Lenora

  2. Those are darling pj’s, Jen! And they look simple enough to do with the wider elastic (and no drawstring cuffs(. I have some flannel in my stash I might be able to use for that project! 🙂 Now finding time for it is something else!

  3. Thank you so very much!! This is a beautiful pattern and timely for our SGOT AG Doll Group. Wonderful present.

  4. my daughter Megan had Baby Talk aka Sara she loved her but would often say”mommy can you make her shut up!” Thanks for the PJ pattern think I even have baby rickrack (in the stash)in pink to match the flannel !

  5. Oh my YES! Baby Talk creeped me out! Chatty Cathy was definitely my generation.Thanks for the patterns, and for introducing me to Les Cheries and Hearts 4 Hearts as well. I’m a old lady, but a new fan. I’ve made Liu’s purple outfit and working on others.

  6. I never had a Chatty Cathy, but purchased a Kissy doll by Ideal in recent years from Ebay and this pattern might look adorable on her. 1960’s bring back so many memories for me as a little girl. Thanks for the warm fuzzy memories and pattern.

  7. Your site is just AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much. I just this summer bought a Chatty Cathy at a yard sale and was so glad to see that she isn’t much different in size than an AG. I so love all of your patterns and helpful hints. Blessings!

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