A “Prettie” new Girl


So there’s a new line of dolls called “Prettie Girls”.

Image credit: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/diverse-dolls-inspire-retailers-toy-change-article-1.2283279

Well, the line is not exactly new, there already was a series of dolls by that name that were basically Barbie-sized.  The line that’s new is the “tween” version, and what’s kind of exciting about them is:

  1.  There are 6 ethnically diverse versions of the doll to choose from
  2.  They’re designed by Tonner
  3. They have articulated 15.5″ bodies just like his old Little Miss Matched or Maudlynne
  4. Their hair is really nice and silky
  5. They’re under $25!

The one I chose was Lena (in the center).  You can see she’s a little taller and a lot slimmer than Paola Reinas or H4H.  In fact, her torso measurements are quite similar to Leann/Marley/Senson dolls.

Her measurements are below (in inches)

bust waist inseam arm btwn should neck-waist head Height
5.5 4.5 6.25 4.25 1.875 3 9 15.5

So now’s your chance to weigh in about her.  I’m thinking we need a short series and am debating between something historical or some coordinated pieces for the Prettie Girls.  What would you like?  Vote below!

The poll is closed.  The votes were:

Historical – 46%

Prettie Girls 34%

No series 18%

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  1. Thank you for introducing us to this new line. I have to say I am not too impressed with them (I don’t find them attractive), but they do are an interresting alternative to the usual Barbie, Monster High or Ever After dolls. I like that they represent different cultures and ethnicites. Maybe if you do a series, you could change my mind about them! But selfishly I wish you’ll make another historical series…! 🙂

  2. The measurements of this doll are just a bit bigger or just a bit smaller than Tonner’s Patience so maybe just maybe I can finally sew something new for her to wear! I live in Canada so more than likely I’ll never see a Prettie Girl in store in my neck of the woods.

  3. I think you chose the prettiest one. Some of the others look like they are making the “duckface” popular in taking selfies.

    I’d like to see coordinates for the prettie girls, but I’d also like historical too. 🙂

  4. I love seeing diversity in dolls, and I love when tween dolls are not overly sexualized or made-up. Being jointed is pretty cool too! If I had one critique for this line, it’s that I wish they weren’t quite so skinny! Body image is one of my hot-buttons when it comes to dolls, and I’d like to see a more “normal sized” body, even if it’s still somewhat stylized as dolls tend to be.

  5. I have to agree w/Sophinette 72, as I don’t find them terribly attractive either, but it is nice to have more ethnic diversity and I’m sure these dolls will appeal to tween-agers, so that’s nice and at a reasonable price! I want too many other dolls (hoping to get Maryellen before months’ end and would love to have AGAT Sam and Clem some day)! So I’ll likely pass on these, unless I see one in my local WMart and can’t resist — LOL!

  6. I just bought a new Prettie Girl. I think they are totally cute. I know they aren’t to everyone’s taste, but I would love to see some patterns for them. There really aren’t very many out yet and they have such an unusual body that I have struggled to adapt any of my current patterns to fit them.

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