Japanese Dollhouse bedding


So…this week was supposed to have more wood furnishings and bedding for the Japanese dollhouse, and it ended up just being the bedding because I spent last weekend dealing with furnishing for MY house instead.  Much as I love Ikea, after spending several hours there on both Saturday AND Sunday, I really had no energy to do much beyond put furniture together and clean.

So this week, here is a pattern for Japanese bedding to put in your dollhouse (or wherever your doll sleeps).  More will eventually be coming for the Japanese dollhouse, but it’s going on hold for a little bit.  I’m starting a class and not sure how much free time I’ll have, so you may see posts or I may drop off the radar for a while.  With something like a math class, you can say, “I need to complete 20 problems and it will probably take me 30 minutes” But this is a graphic design class, and the thing about art classes is you never know how much time the homework will take.  You might get a great idea you can execute immediately or you may fill a recycle bin with paper waiting for things to “click”.  Even if I’m gone, rest assured I’m expanding my creative horizons and stretching my mind in new ways which, ideally, will make for a better blog when I’m back.  🙂

The plan for next week is to debut several new 1950s dresses for AGs AND a 1960s collection sized for both slim 16″-18″ and AG dolls.  Let’s hope this weekend is quieter and I’m able to get it done!

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  1. No worries! That will give the slower members of your bloggy followers time to catch up! I’m incarcerated in hospital and have worried about keeping pace with all my copy-cat creative ventures, so a slight slow down on the Japanese house patterns suits me fine.
    Your course sounds fun and I’ll be really looking forward to seeing more of your designs for my slimmer 18″ girls – why AG gets all the fun in having large scale commercial pattern designs to herself is beyond me, there are so many beautiful all-vinyl dolls around too.
    Have great week.
    Jenni xx

  2. I hope you will enjoy you class and be full of inspiration. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you to enjoy a quiet vey quiet weekend. I an sure you will appreciate how unselfish I am.

  3. Good grief! Assembling furniture, cleaning, designing beautiful doll items and taking a class this list exhausts me just thinking about it! Kudos to you for your energy and obvious talent!

  4. Thank you for this pattern. I hope you’ll enjoy your graphic class, and that you ‘ll show us your “homework”, I’m sure it will be very interesting ! Good luck !

  5. Can’t wait for the 50’s/60’s patterns for AG. I think a new (old) girl is coming my way soon. Maybe I will actually have the Japanese house in my dreams put together when you get back with more additions. Halloween seems to have gotten in the way for me.

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