A Japanese Dollhouse


When I did the blog survey, I was surprised how many people asked to see Little Darling return to Japan, and also by the number of people that asked for furniture, room settings and even a dollhouse for bigger dolls like H4H and AG!   While there are some furniture projects in the works for the big girls, this week we’re starting a series to make a Japanese dollhouse.  YES, there’s lots of info on how to convert it to your preferred size, although this one is sized for 6” dolls.  Target has a new line of 6” mini OG dolls called “Lori” and DH surprised me with this one, named Tama:

Although the house was intended for my Azone, Tama fits it too and is much cheaper and readily available.  Yes, Tama and her friends do have a cute little loft made by Target if you’re not into woodworking!  It’s rare to find nice inset eyes on tiny dolls because it can be a difficult process to put them in.  For the price these dolls are quite nice, and they’re the same size as the older mini AG dolls with cloth bodies.

In order to not overwhelm you, I’m breaking the dollhouse project into 3 (maybe 4) weeks.  This week will be the basic “bones” of the house, with more details added next week and some furnishings the following week.

Click here for the intro

Click here for week 1

Speaking of Japan, Saskia sent me the pictures below of her bald Sasha dressed as a Buddhist nun using modified patterns from this blog.  Although it looks like she’s in a Japanese garden, it’s actually in the Netherlands!  You can click the photos to see more on her blog.

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  1. Tama is really cute and your husband is too sweet to have surprised you with her! I wouldn’t see this happen here! LOL!

    I’ll follow your dollhouse posts with a lot of interrest, but I have no room for large pieces like this so it’ll be pure eye candy! I’m sure it’ll be beautiful!

  2. I found an original printing of Little Plum last year. I really had to struggle to contain my excitement until I got out of the used book store. They clearly didn’t know what they had. It was shelved in young adult. Um, ok.

    This has been on my to do list as well. I recently came across a dresser that I think will convert beautifully but I may try a Miyazki influenced house instead for my minis. (I am planning on turning Tama into Kiki for my one daughter and Chihiro for the other).

    I can’t wait to watch all of your stuff unfold (as usual)!

  3. Very interesting project. One question. In the fire room, is there an open ceiling? Or? Where does the smoke go? Wouldn’t want any one to get carbon monoxide poisioning.
    Another question. Is there a place to share photos of projects made? Maybe I am just missing it. During the summer project, there was always a way to view everyone’s projects. Now, only way is to go back to a summer post and go to it from there. I would love to see what others have made from your wonderful patterns and projects.
    Thanks for a great project.

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